Chapter-30: Just landed

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"Jax!! You can flirt later, we have to go!!" Tristan yelled.

We were outside Paris airport; we had just exited the airport and were looking for the cars. Jaxon also came with us and right now he was flirting with TWO girls.


I tightened my hold on Antonio's hand. He looked back at me, his eyes were asking if I was okay or not; I just nodded. Finally after what felt like hours, we reached the parking lot where, two black Audi SUVs were waiting for us.

"Finally!" I muttered.

We all settled in our seats, and the car started moving.

"Who's in other car?" I asked Antonio, who was sitting beside me.

"My men." He said, I rolled my eyes and looked out of the window.

My eyes widened as my eyes literally drank the beautiful scene. Shops and buildings and hotels, shops were decorated with lights. Although it was night time, people were roaming and the streets were busy. I also saw a park and in that park a man was on his knee, he was proposing his girlfriend.

Cliché. But romantic.

I think it's true, Paris really is a romantic city.

"Antonio, do you know where the chateau is?" I asked when I realized that we didn't know the address. Till yesterday I wasn't aware that I own a chateau. My life had taken a complete 360 degree turn that my head spun from it, so it was kind of minor thing if we didn't know the address of chateau. These Mafia men knew their way around.

"Yes, Jax found it." Antonio said nodding towards Jax who was at the back of SUV with Tristan.

See, These Mafia men know their way around.

I just nodded and continued staring out of the window.

"Are we there yet?" Antonio asked the driver.

"No sir, just five minutes more." The driver replied in heavily accented voice.

I looked out of the window again at the right time because we just passed Eiffel Tower.

"Antonio!! Look Eiffel Tower!" I said excitedly shaking his arm.

He just chuckled and shook his head. After some time driver stopped the car in front of a property. A building was there and it was surrounded by the walls and small bushes and it had big golden gate.

That was it.

My mother's chateau.

But someone was in there because the lights were on.

"Antonio? Is someone in there?" I asked looking at him.

"Maybe housekeepers?" he guessed while rubbing his jaw.

I got out of the car and walked towards the gate and opened the gate.

Strange, there was no lock on the gate. And if there was one, its keys were not with me.

I started walking towards the front door without waiting for others. I knew better but I was curious enough to ignore the ringing bells in my mind. I rang the doorbell. After sometime, the door opened.

Behind the door was a man in mid twenties, he had dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, chiseled jaw, high cheekbones. In other words, he was good looking and handsome.

"Hello, I was waiting for you." He said, with a friendly smile.



My heart started pounding.

"How do you know me?" I asked confidently, but from inside I was shaking.

"STOP RIGHT THERE VALENTINO!!" Antonio yelled, he was running towards us and he had a gun in his hand which he was aiming at man or Valentino.


Antonio took my arm and stood in front of me. They both were in some staring contest.

"Antonio!! Who is he? And how does he know me?" I asked, shaking his shoulder.

"He is Raphael's son." Antonio snarled.

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