Chapter-2: Alone

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"I'll give you answers" came a deep voice with a heavy Italian accent.

A man, probably in his mid thirties, walked inside the room.

With his sandy blond hair gelled to the side and perfectly fitted grey suit he looked like some model.

He closed the door and came closer to bed.

"Name's Tristan Stone by the way." he said while staring at me, observing me.

His hazel eyes were hiding many secrets.

"Maria Wilson." I told him my name.

"I know darling. You are pretty famous here."he smiled.

"Here? I don't know what do you mean." I asked, confused.

"You wanted your answers. But you'll get them only on one condition."

"And that is ...?" I asked, super-confused.

"You have to stay here." He said.

"Why should I stay here?"I asked, still confused.

"Okay let me give you a hint. Your father was dealing in mafia business with us, in fact he was high in command here." He said.

I stared at him in disbelief.

"Ma-mafia... how..I don't know....It's not possible..." My father was not in mafia, was he ?. I was speechless.

Then I realised what he said.

"You said my father was... Where is he?? He is alive, isn't he?"

"I am sorry darling but those who attacked you took his body."

"He is actually dead." I whispered to myself.

There was this pinching pain in my chest, tear gathered in my eyes and starting rolling down my cheeks.

"B-but why?" I asked, my voice cracked at last word. His eyes were full of concern.

"I am not staying here. Let me go...Just leave me alone and let me live in peace please. I won't bother you again." I pleaded in trembling voice.

"Boss is not going be happy."He muttered to himself but I heard him anyway.

"Okay. But you have to stay here until you heal, maybe for 2 weeks." he said and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"Why are you so desperate to keep me here. I told you before, and I am telling you now  I will not stay here. Tell this to your boss." I said with fierce determination.

"I'll stay here for one more day and then I am gone. I will not cross your path again." I said and sniffled.

"You don't want your answers..?"he asked

"No, I'll find them myself. "

Yeah as if you know anything about mafia a voice whispered inside me but I ignored it.

My heart was pounding ans the dull ache in my shoulder started pulsing with every beat. With every passing minute the pain was becoming unbearable.

Oh God it was like molten lava was being poured on my shoulder.

I leaned back and moaned. Silent tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Between our conversation I didn't even realize that Grany had slipped out of the room.

"Maria!! Hey ! Hey! It'll be okay." I faintly heard Tristan. He was near me by my side.

"GRANY!!!" he was yelling but I barely heard him.

I tried to breathe but it was becoming difficult.

I. Am. All. Alone. I am afraid of living alone.

But I had no choice.

Dad is dead.

I leaned back on the pillow and bit my lip trying not to cry.

I'd to be strong.

And I will be strong.


If you are guessing that Tristan Stone is her Dark Angel... then you are wrong...

You'll meet him in next chapter...

Till then.... stay tuned...


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