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"Run Maria." My dad yelled. The tension in his voice made me look back at him; when I turned around he had a gun in his hand. My eyes widened with shock and my heart galloped. I looked in the direction in which my father was pointing the gun.

"Dad? What's happening? Who are those?"I shouted, frightened. I glued myself to my father's side. My heart was racing as I saw at least half a dozen men, who wore a ski mask and had guns. They were coming straight in our direction.

The strangest thing? There was not a single person in the park. We both were having fun, walking and talking, chatting our hearts out when suddenly my father asked me to run. I shook my head.

"I'll call 911, Dad! let's go, come on." I breathed, taking out my phone and pulling him towards the exit of the park. My hand trembled when I punched in the three digits on the phone. I sucked in the breath from my mouth which got stuck in my throat when I saw one of the men was aiming at us.

"No Maria! Just get behind me. I've already called for help, we need to keep ourselves alive till the help come. In case I don't make it. Keep the locket safe." He growled as he shoved me behind him and took an aim towards one of them and shot. I yelped at the loud sound.

My body starting shaking and shuddering as fear crept in. On the verge of hyperventilation, I tried to reason with dad about getting out of here.

"Dad come on what are you saying, let's get out of here." I said. My voice shook and I felt nauseous. I cursed when I saw more and more men running toward us. But they were shooting at them. These men did not wear any mask and they formed a protective circle around us.

"DAD!" I yelled when I couldn't find him anywhere.

For my whole life since now I hadn't seen a gun and now I was surrounded with god knows how many dangerous people, amidst gunshots and smell of gunpowder. No one called the police. Who would want to interfere with this shit?

Men surrounding us broke away and started shooting too. I took some shaky steps back, wiped the sweat from my forehead with a trembling hand. Looking around this chaos felt like I was dreaming. My father was shooting like he had done it most of his life. This felt like out of body experience.

"Ohmigod. Ohmigod. What's happening?" I wrapped my arms around myself, standing in the middle of mini-war, confused and scared to hell. I was panting, it was becoming more and more difficult to breathe. More men were coming from all the sides.

Out of nowhere, I felt a sharp sting in my shoulder, which after a two seconds felt like red-hot lava was attacking my shoulder. The pain took my breath away.

"Daddy!!" I screamed. My kneed buckled and my legs gave away, I dropped on my knees. The fire was getting more hotter with each passing second.



"Daddy." I whispered.

My eyes were frantically trying to find him in this chaos and there he was, looking at me with panic, everything was happening in slow motion, one of the masked men shot at him and the bullet went straight to his chest, he dropped like a sack. My mouth opened to scream but no sound came out. The world tilted and I dropped on my side. Someone rolled me on my back.

"NO...NO." I moaned

"Maria? Can you hear me..??? Keep your eyes open. Look at me" A velvety soft voice called my name. But there was this panicky edge to his voice.

I didn't realise that I had closed my eyes. I opened my heavy lids but my eyes didn't seem to focus on the person leaning over me. He pressed on my shoulder; it ignited the suppressing pain I screamed. Tears were leaking from my eyes, sobs were pouring out of my mouth.

"Daddy." I whispered, and then there was nothing.


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