Chapter-23: Emotional Breakdown

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I just kept staring at the screen. I was shocked, it was an understatement of the year. I just wanted to forget this, everything. I was waiting for someone to wake me up and assure me that it was just a bad dream. But the thing was, the letter, the chip in front of me was not a dream, it was real. Everything was real.

I wanted a break desperately, this, everything was so overwhelming to take in.

Raphael Carboni, my Uncle killed my birth mother, that mother I didn't even know that she was my mom. The mother that raised me was his spy, she wanted to kill daddy. I was the heir of 200 million dollar, my birth mother left that legacy for me, a chateau.


I wanted to scream. So I did

I screamed, with everything inside me. I ran around the room looking for something. I ran towards the vanity and threw everything on the floor with a loud smash. Perfume bottles, boxes, combs everything which was on the vanity was now on the floor, broken.

I don't even remember her.

My mom.

My real mom.

I slammed the laptop shut, not caring about it. And flung it to the ground, it smashed on the ground. Right now, I wanted to set a fire on this laptop.

I walked towards the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. My chest was heaving with shallow breath. I took one of the bottles near the sink and smashed it into the mirror. It broke and shattered in many pieces, exactly like me. It was my saturation point, water out of the glass, it was too much.

My knees buckled and hit the bathroom floor, the shards of glass were piercing my shins and knees but the pain was keeping me sane and grounded.

"No. Please no." I cried, I sobbed.

Everything was a lie. Even my surname was not real.

Was my dad even my real father or not?

I don't know what is real.

I heard someone curse in the room but I ignored that.

"Maria!" I felt arms picking me up but I just kept sobbing and crying. I was not in any condition of holding myself up.

He set me on my bed and sat beside me. He circled his arms around me and I leaned into him, crying all over him. But he just held me tightly. I tried to pull away but he just held and after some time I just stopped resisting.

It was as if I had so many emotions bottled up in me for a long time. It was like a balloon and this letter was like a pin and it burst the balloon of emotions and now it was all coming out.

"Antonio why is this happening to me??" My voice trembled and was muffled. He pulled away a little and brushed some tears but they just kept pouring out of my eyes, rolling down my cheeks.

"W-was my dad really m-my f-father? Or i-it is a lie?" I asked in a small trembling voice, staring at him.

"He was your dad Maria. He loved you." He said softly and brushed hair away from my forehead.

"Then w-why s-so many lies? Even my name is a lie."

"He was just trying to protect you, cara" He said with a pained expression.

"By lying to me." I said like a stubborn child. I fisted his T-shirt and shook him, but he was still. He took my shoulders in his big hands and rubbed them.

"You have to understand cara. Whatever he did, was just to protect you." He said and helped me to lean back on the pillows.

Then he looked down at my legs and knees and hissed. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom. I just stared ahead in a daze, deep in thoughts. He sat down on the bed with a first aid box in his hands and tended my wounds. I didn't even flinch. I was just numb and overwhelmed.


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