Chapter-41(Part:2) :What?

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My body was numb from cold and my arms were numb for completely different reasons, every now and then, a shiver would rattle my body, with that shiver new waves of pain would attack my body too.


The door opened again. And my heart skipped a beat.

Ohmigod not again. Please

My breath hitched, I tried to control my breathing which was difficult due to shivering. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the worst.

I heard someone's footsteps.

"Leave." A woman said coldly. I instantly snapped my head at her.

In all her glory, wearing a pencil skirt and silk blouse with a blazer, stood there none other than.


I gulped.

She stared at me until the door was closed and we were left alone.

"Why??" I said, my voice came raspy.

Then she did something that shocked the daylights out of me. She took out a pistol from the blazer. I gulped and stared at her with wide eyes.

This is it. I am going to die.

I closed my eyes and waited for the pain.

The loud bang echoed around the room but the pain didn't come. When I opened my eyes I saw she had shot the camera which I didn't even know was there.

Then she rushed towards me, I was still in shock.

What just happened?

"Hey-hey Maria ? You okay? Come on we have to hurry." She said, cutting the rope which was tied to the ceiling, with a pocket knife which I think magically appeared in her hands.

When both of my arms were free, I instantly crashed down on my knees. I was in daze, both of my arms were on fire as the blood started circulating again. But I was so cold. My shivering was not coming to halt.

She patted my cheeks.

"Maria? Come on. We have to get outta here." She said as circled her arm around my waist, I instantly cried out when her arm touched my raw, wounded back. She jerked her arm away.

"Oh God! I am so sorry. I am so sorry." She whispered and swallowed loudly when she took a look at my back.

"Natalie. How could you?" I said weakly looking at her directly into her eyes.

She just shook her head and said,

"I'll tell you later. But please we have to get out of here right now."

"I don't know if I can walk." I said and bowed my head.

"Come on Maria, don't say that. Just a few steps." She pleaded.

I nodded and sighed.

God give me strength. This is the only chance I have to get the hell out of here.

With her help I stood up and we both started walking towards the door. I was completely leaning on her but she didn't mind. When she opened the door, the bald man was lying dead in the pool of his blood.

I just ignored that and concentrated on walking. I was so busy putting one step in front of the other that I didn't even pay any attention to my surroundings.

I was panting after walking for some time.

"Natalie... I ... can't..." I said and tried to gulp as much air as I could, but that was becoming more and more difficult.

"Just a few more steps Maria, we are nearly there." She whispered and we started walking again.

After a few steps, I just couldn't, I was tired not to forget injured and wounded as hell. The walls seemed to spin or my head was spinning? I didn't know.

When I was about to crash down, I felt a familiar pair of strong and warm arms catching me before I touched the ground.

I cried out because my back was on fire again.

Still in so much pain, I recognized him.

"Antonio." I whispered.

My Dark Angel saved me again.


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