Chapter-7: Saved by Dark Angel

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God help me.

I have to stay conscious or else I don't know where I'll wake up.

"Please!! Let me go." I yelled but it came out just hoarse plead. My heart raced as adrenalin was coursing through my body which dulling the pain.

God! Why is this happening to me? What sin did I do?

I was rewarded by a hard kick in my stomach in return of that. I cried out and started sobbing. I curled into a ball and was trying to remain conscious when I heard cars screech and slam of car doors.

Ohmigod! They'll take me away.

My body shuddered at that thought, I curled into myself and tried to hide my face as much as I could. In the times of panic our mind thinks the crazy things. I thought if I could hide, if I could just closed my eyes maybe they won't be able to see me.

I heard someone grunt and thud, the sound when something hits the floor and felt someone's hand on my arm, I flinched. Hands, which were hard but held my arms with such soft touch, rolled me on my back. I tried to focus on his face.

"Maria ?" I heard an anguished voice.


"Antonio!!" I cried mumbling incoherent words.

"Shh cara. You are safe now. It'll be okay." He whispered softly.

"Antonio..." I whispered.

"Shush. I am here." he picked me up carefully.

I moaned in pain.

"It's okay, it's okay. Can you tell me what were they saying?" He asked softly while walking with me in his arms.

I tucked my head under his chin.

"Yeah... They.." Now that he was here and I was safe my adrenaline came crashing down, I was drained and just wanted to sleep.

"Keep talking to me cara." he said in a soft voice.

"They were following me." I whispered and swallowed, my mouth was dry as desert.

"Cara? And ?" he asked shaking me slightly.

"I called Tristan." I mumbled and moaned. The pain was so much. Just a week ago I was shot and now this. What the hell was going on?

"I want to sleep." I whispered.

He set me down on the back seat of a car and surprised me when he got in the back seat with me then took me in his lap.

"No, not yet. Just wait for some time. It's not a request. It's a command." he said and took my chin in his hand started moving my head from side to side.

"Take those bastards and tie them then throw them in cells. I'll deal with them later." he ordered to someone. I opened my just in slits.

I could see his clenched jaw his blue eyes, a darker shade.

He was angry.

He looked down at me and his eyes softened.

"Just stay awake." he said while patting my cheek lightly and traced his finger from my forehead to chin at the right side. A small cloth was in his hand when I opened my eyes next time, he pressed it to my forehead.

I hadn't even realised that my there was a cut on my forehead and blood was gushing from it.

Tristan got into the driver seat and slammed the door, started the car and accelerated to god knew where.

"Bloody bastards. I don't know how did they get near her." Tristan cursed. His profantities could made a sailor blush.

"I will not let them go easily." Antonio said and shook his head.

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