Chapter-3: Antonio Favero

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Oh and I am just a human and human make mistakes, So if there is any mistake then sorry for that and ignore that.:D


"Sleep honey, you need rest." Grany said while brushing hair from my forehead.

Tristan had sent Grany to grab a pain shot and that shot was making me sleepy.

She tucked me in and made sure that I was comfortable then kissed my forehead and left.

She had a motherly aura I guess that's why everyone call her Grany.

I wish I had my mom.

She just left us.

"Take care of yourself and your daddy. okay my baby." she said to my 10 yr old self.

"But mommy where are you going ?" I asked.

"I just have to somewhere baby. I'll miss you." she said and kissed my forehead and left.

"Mommy .!!! Mommy please don't leave me. Mommy!!!"I called after her.

I woke up gasping, tears streaming down my face.

It was not a dream, it was a memory.

Even after 12 years of that incident why did I miss her?

Why can't I just forget her??, I thought.

A Sound of frustration escaped my throat.

"Why am I crying??? I am tired of crying.Just don't cry Maria.!" I said to myself.

I had to control my emotions.

"I will not cry from now on." I muttered.

The knock on the door snapped me out of my inner conversation with myself.

The door opened and Grany poked her dead in.

"Oh good you're awake! how are you feeling?" she said coming and closing the door behind her.

"I am okay. Pain is there but its bearable." I said moving my wounded shoulder a little. Pain was there but it was dull ache for now.

"Come on then get up. You've to get ready for dinner." She smiled

That caught my attention.

"Dinner?? With who?" I asked

"Mr. Favero." She said with a smile..

"Now, come on get up." she said again.

I got up and went to en suite. Meanwhile she brought clothes for me.

And she brought a dress and I was not a fan of dresses.

"I am not wearing that." I told her.

"But why?" she asked.

"I just don't feel comfortable in dresses and I want to wear my comfortable clothes." I said.

"But it's a formal dinner with Mr.Favero." she said.

"Grany. I don't care please just bring some comfortable clothes." I said.

She sighed in defeat and went to bring clothes for me.

I looked around and I was mesmerized with the beauty of this room.

Yeah right..!! I was in this room for 24 hours but I didn't observe this room, I was too busy in my self pity.The room was BIG. with the soothing baby blue color and it was giving a great touch to its beauty. There was a large LED TV on the center wall. King size bed in center with nightstands and there was a vanity with mirror. I walked towards it.

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