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It's been a year, 10 days since the day I was kidnapped and tortured.

And 11 months, 7 months since he died.

My dad.

He had just said one sentence.

I'm sorry Maria. I love you.

A sentence of 6 syllabi. After being in a coma for the whole month. He said those words the day he died. And I lost him again. I felt the same pain again but this time it was worse because knowing that he was alive, I could've done something.

But Alas!

I couldn't.

Yes, it was almost a year after that incident, the wounds were healed but all that left was the nightmares, memories and scars.

People says time heals everything

But I don't think time will be able to heal those scars and memories.

There were some times, some horrible dreams that left me vulnerable but he was there for me. At some nights I would wake up because of a nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep afterwards. Panic attacks, bitter memories, depression, PTSD everything was attacking me all at once.

I would've broken, shattered into a million tiny pieces but he helped me. At every step, every second to help me, to save me from those dark dreams.

My Dark Angel

My Antonio.

We had to travel from one country to another for exactly 3 months because Antonio had to take care of everything after my Dad died; the property, the money and business everything. Then he had also taken over Raphael's business and handed it over to Valentino. They both explained everything to others to prevent the war among the different Mafia's.

He has been very busy these days.

I looked at the royal blue 2 carats diamond ring on my ring finger at my left hand.

I still remember that day. The day he promised me to be there at every step of my life and to protect me and to cherish each and every moment with me.

I sighed.

I was standing at the balcony of our new apartment in New York. Alessandro was still with Antonio's parents. I had hinted to him that we should adopt him legally as but the final decision was in his hands.

The cool breeze was blowing my bangs from my forehead. I tipped my head back and stared at the night sky, the full moon, and the stars.

So much has happened and I am still alive. My lips twitched at that thought.

I felt arms around my waist, I inhaled his scent.

"How are you, cara?" He said and nuzzled my neck. I tipped my head a little to give him better access to my neck.

I smiled and hummed in response.

I turned around, in his embrace and circled my arms around his taut torso and placed my head on his chest. I inhaled his scent and relaxed more into his arms.

"What were you doing here all alone, tesero?"

"Just thinking."

I pulled away from the embrace and placed my hands on his chest and played with the buttons of his white shirt.

"Antonio, it's been a year I want to know. Is Raphael dead?"

He went stiff and clenched his jaw. He looked away from me then at the night sky. He sighed.

"Death is a very easy punishment for him," he said in a law voice.

Then a sinister smile came onto his face.

"He is getting what he deserves."

Honestly? If I hadn't loved him, I would've peed my pants by looking at his expression right now.

"You don't have to worry about that cara. He will not come back. Everything is normal now." He said and kissed my forehead. I winced at 'normal'. Because I didn't think anything could be back to normal, like ever. Because everything's changed.

"Yeah as normal as in some Mafia boss's life." I teased and giggled.

"I will not let anything happen to you." He said cupping my cheeks.

I know.

"I love you." I said.

He circled his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him and kissed me like I was the last drop of water on earth. That kiss made my toes curl. It was like an explosion when his tongue touched mine. His tongue entered my mouth, I moaned. His hand went to my hips and he squeezed hard and I yelped.

We pulled away. Our chest was heaving and I looked at him with wide eyes.

"Excited much?" I asked, I was blushing tomato red.

He pecked my lips and laughed.

"You have to wait till our wedding day." I said, feeling my cheeks getting warm.

"Soon you'll Mrs. Antonio Favero." He said with his eyes shining brightly.

I smiled at that and hugged him. He held me tightly. I laid my head on his shoulder and looked up at the full moon.

I hope everything goes well in future.

Uh!. As well as in Mafia boss's life.


The end...Atleast for now.

Maria and Antonio's story continues in Ablaze!! 


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