Chapter-10: Finally Somewhere

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Someone was shaking me.

Why wake up a sleeping angel like me? Let me sleep, I thought. I groaned and snuggled into the comfy chair. That irritating shaking again. But I was stubborn too. I was in that stage of sleep where you're not fully asleep but not fully awake either.

"Respected passengers, the plane will be landing soon, please put your seat belts on." I heard someone say in a monotone voice and a tired sigh after some time. Then I felt like a little weight on me and his musky scent entered my senses. I hummed.

Then I was back in my dreamland.

I woke up with a jerk after some time, my heart skipped up a beat when I couldn't recognize my surroundings or even contemplate the time. After taking a good look around, the events of last night flashed back in my mind. I realized I was in Antonio's plane and the plan was standing still which meant we were finally on ground.

"Finally, you're awake." A familiar voice made me jump and very handsome and beautiful in a really beautiful way vision greeted me.

I wish my eyes could see this vision every morning.

I ignored that.

I stood up and immediately winced when my ribs cried out in pain. My whole body was feeling this dull ache which was uncomfortable in every way and I couldn't ignore that. I shook my head stopping Antonio from asking about my help.

But inner me was dancing around when I saw his concerned expression.

"Where are we?" I finally asked after I got breath.

"Italy." He replied with the shiny glint in his eyes.




"Come on, cara." He offered me his hand and without much thinking I took his hand.


I didn't expect anything after we walked out of the air terminal but I couldn't expect that, which was in front of me, in my wildest dreams ever. But I shouldn't be surprised.

It's my life!!

My life is incomplete without complications.

There-there Maria come out of your self-pity party.

As we took one step out of the airport. We were attacked.

By paparazzi.

I mean why??

He was a freaking mafia boss. And everyone knew about him? And a bigger problem? I was afraid of big crowds.

I gripped Antonio's arm tightly. He looked at me, his expression softened.

"Please ... I can't... I am crowd phobic, I mean I can deal with some ...but this is... please..." I whispered, my breathing immediately became erratic.

"Don't worry cara".he whispered and put on his fancy sunglasses with swagger.

Suddenly out of nowhere a team of giant men in black came. They were typical bodyguards.

You know? Tight fitting suit with black shades covering their eyes and stone expression.

Yep those.

They surrounded us making a way for us in the sea of people.

As we stepped deeper in the crowd I stepped closer and closer to Antonio. He grabbed my waist and I was practically glued to his side. I took a long breath in his scent of spice and musk.

"Enjoying yourself in here, don't we cara.?" he teased and I immediately wanted to smack him but didn't.

I chose to ignore this again and turned my head away. To my relief now we were seated in a typical mafia car.

Shiny black SUV.

After we were seated, one of the bodyguards started the car. Antonio was beside me.

"So everyone in Italy knows that you are a mafia boss." I couldn't stop myself from asking that.

"Mafia boss?" He laughed and shook his head.

"The paparazzi?" I asked in a duh tone.

He looked at me, amused.

"Have you heard of FAVOY INC?" He asked with his trademark smirk.

"FAVOY INC.? Yeah one of the biggest company in world?" I asked looking out of the window, a little distracted by the zooming scenery.

"I own that," he said in a matter-of-fact voice.

My jaw dropped. I snapped my head towards him.


"Oh wow! You're a billionaire." I said astonished.

"More like a trillionaire." Tristan said from the passenger seat with laughter in his voice.

Antonio just shook his head and muttered something in Italian.

"Now we'll be staying in some hotel?" I asked, a bit annoyed by the idea.

"No, of course not, we'll be staying at my place." he said.

I bet his place would be a freaking mansion.

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