Chapter 26: Aftermath

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We were like twelve foot away from the car and Tristan was about to say something when the car to our left exploded.

The force of the explosion knocked me off my feet and for some time I was in the air, it was like I was dreaming. Then I was thrown on to the ground and immediately pain exploded on my left side and arm which took all the force of my body. I lay there, on the ground, staring at blue sky and black smoke clouds eating my view of blue sky, my ears were ringing, adrenaline was coursing through my veins, dimming the pain.

It was out of body experience, I was feeling like, when sometimes something big happens and you feel all numb and detached from your body, you're able to move your neck or arms or legs, but you're not able to feel them moving.

I slowly sat up and immediately felt like laying down again, my head was spinning. It was chaos, people were running here and there and Tristan was on my right side, lying on the ground but he wasn't moving.

I coughed and groaned when the pain pounded on my side

God, I hope he's okay.

I looked at the car, the fire was swallowing the whole car and if I wasn't wrong the oil tank was not touched by the fire yet. Keyword: YET.

I looked around frantically for Antonio and Sandro but in the middle of chaos I couldn't see him. I slowly stood up, the stars cart wheeled in front of my eyes for some seconds but I shook my head, I limped towards Tristan and rolled him on his back.

"Tristan? Tristan wakes up." I said, nearly hysterical, shaking him like a retard.

He groaned, but opened his eyes, his eyes were glazed and wasn't able to focus.

"Come on, the car is about to explode again, we have to hurry." I said, struggling to help him to his feet.

I could hear sirens but they seemed far away or I wasn't able to hear them.

Tristan swayed a bit and leaned on me, I put one of his hands around my shoulder and I circled one arm around his waist. I knew that he was a little aware of the situation when our turtle's slow running pace increased a little. By now the parking lot was clear and fire trucks and ambulances were there on the scene, many people were injured.

A man came to help us, he was one of Antonio's men.

"Sir, ma'am, Are you okay?" he asked in his gruff voice. He was like hulk, just green color was missing. He took another arm of Tristan and put that around his shoulder.

"I don't know." I mumbled but he heard me.

"Just a little more, ma'am." He said.

He took us away from the chaos towards the men circle surrounding Sandro who was Koala glued to Antonio. He was a terrified, poor child. Just as we neared the men circle, Tristan was taken by others and some came to help me and Antonio ran towards me.

He was asking so many questions at the same time and the adrenaline that was coursing through my veins was now gone and the relief that Antonio and Sandro was safe, the sweet relief that I was safe caused my knees to buckle and my legs gave away, one of his men supported me, yeah hulk supported me and helped me to stand but the world went fuzzy and then there was nothing. No Antonio, no hulk, no chaotic parking lot and no Maria.


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