Chapter-24: Drunken Talks

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I woke up with a start and was shocked to see the position in which I slept. I was not in my bedroom. The walls of this room were grey and black. In fact, this room was epitome of grey and black. Everything was grey and black.

Antonio was sitting beside me and my head was on his lap and my arms were circled around his torso. I was covered with a furry and soft black blanket, it was keeping me warm.

My eyes were puffy with all the crying. And both temples were pounding.

I inhaled deeply, drinking in his scent. Musky and some spicy cologne. It was comforting.

"You okay there cara?"he asked softly.

"Uh...yeah." I said, looking at him and made an attempt to sit up. He helped me in the sitting position.

"Your room was a mess so I brought you in my room." He explained.

"Uh. It's okay. Sorry to cry all over you and sleep on you." I said, blushing.

"Oh anytime you need to cry, come to me." He said chuckling.

He stood up and walked towards the mini fridge, he took out a water bottle and poured amber liquid from a decanter into a glass, I guess, for himself.

He sat beside me again and gave me the bottle, I ignored the bottle and took the glass of amber liquid from his hand and gulped down the whole liquid.

"Whoa Slow down Maria." He said, shocked by this

The liquid burned my throat as if I was swallowing the fire and my eyes watered. I coughed.

"Can I get some more?" I asked, looking at him straight into his eyes.

He looked at my face and then stared at my eyes as if he could see my soul. He reluctantly walked towards his desk and took the decanter and poured more liquid into my glass.

I did the same with my second glass.

"Maria I think you should take it slow." He said slowly.

"Nah I need this." I gestured for more.

I was already feeling its effects.

God, that's some solid liquid.

"What's this by the way?" I asked.

"Bourbon." He replied

Ah...Bourbon was like an elixir for me... at least for now.

At my 5th glass of Elixir, he refused to give me more.

I pouted; I was drunk, not drunk-drunk but very-much-drunk.

"Hey! That's not fair, I want more." I slurred, weakly reaching for my glass.

"Ah uh...That's enough for you, I am damn sure you'll regret this later." He said amusement was clear in his voice.

I leaned back on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

"Hey! Toniooooo!!! You know my birth mother, you know that mother who gives you birth, yeah that one, was killed by my rat bastard uncle." I slurred.

I was feeling happy at one moment then sad at the other. The room was feeling warm and fuzzy.

"I am sorry." He said quietly.

"You're sorry will not bring her back." I said, trying to be stern but failing miserably.

I turned towards him and stared at his angelic face.

"You know?" I started with a pout.

"When I saw Shandrooo calling you daddy, I felt pain here." I said pointing towards my heart.

"I thought you had a wife." I said and sniffed. He was just looking at me strangely, his eyes softened. I stood up but the room spun.

"Whoa...!!! Tonioo!! Why is the room doing tilt-a-whirl???" I asked.

He was already on my side supporting, before I even finished my sentence.

"I think you should sit down." He said softly.

"No!!" I said and pulled away. I swayed then wobbled towards the window and leaned onto it.

My nose squished on the cool glass. I giggled.

"You know Toonioo, life is not fair. Do you believe in fate? Yes I believe in fate. Fate took my birth mother, then it took my dad but I met you. Strange isn't it." I slurred. Some tears escaped from my eyes.

I turned around; he was staying close to me and he was listening like a good listener.

I giggled again.

"Can I tell you a secret?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Come closer." I whisper yelled.

He came closer and stood in front of me and was looking at me with those intense blue serious eyes. I could see compassion in his eyes.

I stood on my tippy toes and whispered in his ear.

"I am scared of being alone."

I swayed a little which caused me to lose my balance but he caught me by my waist. We were standing too close. I could feel his warm breath on my forehead. The room started spinning again and my eyes felt heavy.

I, once again, stood on my tippy toes and came closer to him.



More Closer.

I could feel his breath on my lips, he was looking at my lips and he met me mid way and our lips brushed.

His lips were soft and warm and the room started spinning at more speed.

I felt myself falling and the last thing I heard before the darkness consumed was "Merda"


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