Chapter-22: The Folder

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"Uh... Antonio?"

He was sitting on this huge leather chair in his office, reading something from the file in front of him.

He looked up when he heard me.

"Can you tell me how to connect the chip to my laptop and can I borrow your laptop?" I asked and smiled nervously.

He nodded but didn't say anything. He stood up and took his laptop with some other gadget in his hand, I guess to connect the chip, and started walking. I followed him to my room. I gave him the chip and he connected it.

"Thank you." I said.

"No problem." He said monotonously and left.

What's his problem? Sometimes I feel he has split personalities.

Ignoring his rude attitude, I gave all my attention to that chip and what was in it. I clicked on the folder of my name.


A new window opened.

It required a password.

I had only 3 tries to open that folder or it will delete itself. I cursed when I read that warning. My heart raced with excitement and anticipation. A little bit of fear made its way in my heart too. What if I was not able to crack the password and the file deleted itself? And then I would not be able to know what was in that folder.

Think, Maria, Think!

What could it be?

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Okay." I whispered to myself.

First, I slowly typed: baby girl

It was wrong.


Two tries left.

I think I should try his and my name together.



I have only one try left. Come on Maria!

"Ughh...Think Maria, Think." I muttered.

When I was little Dad used to call me.

"You'll always be daddy's little girl"

I gasped.



I typed and waited.

And it opened.

"Oh Thank God" I sighed in relief.

I started reading.

Dear Maria

By the time you're reading this, I may be dead or maybe locked in the cellar at some dingy basement. I am so, so sorry baby girl. I wanted to tell you the truth but it was very dangerous for you. You just have to remember that, I am always with you and I love you.

Cara was not your mother.

I stopped abruptly in shock and sat back.

What? She was not my mom?

I wanted to stop right then and there, I didn't want to make it any more complex, I contemplated closing the laptop and deleting the file myself, my heart skipped a beat and then I sent a short prayer to God to lend me some strength and decided to read it.

Cara was not your mother. Your mother was the love of my life, she was the daughter of a senator and I was working in the mafia with my brother Raphael Carboni but the day I met her, everything was changed. I left the mafia business; we got married and were living happily. But Raphael killed her. He killed the love of my life. So I contacted Antonio and started working with him against Raphael. He even sent her spy, Cara. The day I realized that she was his spy I kicked her out, I wanted to kill her but I failed. I am so sorry for that, baby girl.

Anyways, your mother has left you 200 million dollars and there's something else. She left her Chateau for you in Paris. You should go there and check it out. There's something important. And don't let Raphael know about that.

Be careful baby girl.

I am so sorry to leave you in this world. But stay with Antonio. He will keep you safe.

I love you.

I am always with you.


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