Chapter-32: First Mission

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Does that mean he is alive?

"He's alive?" I whispered.

I looked up and stared at Valentino with hopeful expression, but my heart was racing in anticipation of the news that I just heard.

"He's alive?" I asked out loud.

"Last time I talked to him, he was not in uhh good condition." Valentino said hesitatingly.

"Why didn't you help him?" I immediately stood up and went to him.

"I wanted to help him but he didn't let me help him." Valentino said and bowed his head.

"But you should've helped him." That came out as a yell. I felt bad but didn't want to apologize for that.

"Calm down Maria." Antonio said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

I shrugged his hand off and shook my head.

"Tell me where is he? We'll go right now and save him. Right Antonio?" I asked and turned around to look at him.

He didn't say anything; he clenched his jaw and stared at Valentino.

"No, we can't do that. Danger is lurking out there in every corner. My father has connections all over the world. I am sure he is looking for you." Valentino tried to explain.

"No." I shouted and ran towards the front door. But Antonio caught my wrist and pulled me to him. He placed his hands on my shoulder and stared into my eyes.

"Do you want to go out and save your Dad?" he asked. I nodded. He took my wrist and pulled me out of the front door.

"Then go." He said pushing me towards the front gate. I looked at him, surprised and shocked.

"But what will happen when you'll get caught by Raphael's men huh? What will you do? Is this your return to your father's sacrifice?" he asked in a hard voice.

I looked down, and shook my head. Tears that were brewing in my eyes were now streaming down my cheeks; I made no effort to brush them off.

"We'll save him. I promise." Antonio said softly. I looked at him and nodded. He took me into his arms and kissed my forehead.

"You have to be patient." He murmured against my forehead.

"Let's start from now." I said, it came out muffled. He nodded.

We stood there, me in his arms for a few minutes then he pulled away and brushed the remnant of tears from my cheeks.

"Come on now." He said and we walked inside hand in hand.

"Your father told me something and everything is ready for that." Valentino said after some awkward silence

We all looked at him in confusion.

"What did he tell you?" Antonio asked.

"Come on, settle yourself." Valentino said, nodding towards the sofa.


After some refreshments, we all were settled in the hall except Natalie and Tristan. Natalie, of course, was not in good condition and Tristan was not feeling well.

I took a sip of my black coffee and leaned back.

"He told me about a box that was in a safe. I took the liberty of finding that box." Valentino said, coming from his room with a small rectangular wooden box in his hand.

He gave that box to me.

"I didn't open it." He said and sat down across me.

The box was also antique. Some curly designs and flowers were engraved on its side. Letter M was engraved cursively on the lid of the box.

I looked at Antonio who was sitting beside me, he nodded at me.

I took a deep breath and opened the box. There were few items in there.

A key, small pouch and an envelope.

"That key will open a safe that is some Paris's bank." Valentino pointed.

"Jax? Did you find the location?" Antonio asked Jax who was sitting on my left with laptop.

I tuned out the conversation and took the envelope out of the box. The paper looked old. I peeked into the envelope; in it was yellow paper. I took it out, it was folded three times. I opened it and saw it was a kind of acknowledgement or certificate of some bank.

"Banque Nationale de Paris." I and Jax said in unison.

Everyone looked at me. I waved the yellow paper and handed it over to Antonio. He read it and nodded.

"Our first mission. Be ready at 9:00 am sharp." He said.

We all nodded.

I am coming for you, Daddy. I thought.


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