Chapter-14: Cinnamon and Allergy

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I gulped, time to meet his family.

She was slim with blonde hair and kindness was dripping from her voice and smile. She was wearing comfortable, faded jeans and peach cardigan with floral embroidery. But Antonio didn't get his looks from his mother except for blue eyes and nose.

How could he be that cold when he has such a kind woman as his mother?

"Ciao my boy." She took his face between her hands and kissed both his cheeks then hugged him tightly, and Antonio returned that gesture in the same way.

"Ciao mamma."

"Come stai ?" she asked.

"Lo sto bene mamma." he said rolling his eyes. And I was just there trying to figure out what they were talking about. In the meantime I saw a man in his 50's walk into the room and I knew right there that he was Antonio's father. Because I could see, he got his looks from his father. They both were much alike. Black hair, above 6 feet, cold and tough expression. Antonio nodded his head at his father and his father acknowledged that with the similar nod.

And he got his personality from his father. I finally figured it out.

Huh! Smart me.

"Nonna, see!! pwetty lady." Alessandro said to his grandma while pointing towards me.

"Mio Dio! Such a pretty girl." her accent was very- very Italian?

"Uh hello." I said awkwardly as I walked towards her and smiled or tried to.

"Maria Wilson." I said as I stuck my hand out. She ignored my hand and pulled me in a hug. I awkwardly patted her back as she rubbed my back.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Favero." I said as I pulled back.

"Oh cara call me Isabel, Mrs. Favero was my mother in law." she said and chuckled. I just nodded awkwardly. I glanced and saw that he was busy with Alessandro.

Uh huh, no one to save me from this awkward situation.

"Eadmund Favero" Antonio's father said as he stuck his hand and I did the same, I was glad he finally decided to introduce himself first because I didn't want to that, the whole time he was staring at me, not in a creepy way but as if he was observing my every move and trying to decipher something.

"Maria Wilson." I said shaking his hand.

His grip was tight but gentle.

So very businesslike.

One look at him and you'll know that he was the Capo of Mafioso. He walked with this confidence and aura around him that would definitely make his enemies choke if they were in the same room or something.

Honestly, I was intermediated by him. I wanted to stand straight and tall in front of him.

"So you are Andrew's daughter." he said but with no accent.

"Uh yeah." I said and gave him a little smile.

"Great man he was. I am sorry for your loss." he said and his voice took a softer tone there. He patted my shoulder once and glanced towards Antonio.

I looked away and clenched my jaw to stop my eyes from tearing up, then relaxed it. I had read somewhere if you wanted to stop yourself from tearing up then relax your jaw. And it actually worked.

I will not cry.

I will not cry.

I forced a smile. I was sure it would've looked like a grimace.

"You must be tired. Let me show you your room." Isabella said giving Mr. Favero 'I'll talk to your later' look.

When I was conversing with Antonio's parents. I didn't realize that he had slipped out of the room.

Maybe went to meet his wife, a voice in my mind said. But if he had a wife she would've come running into his arms. I just shook my head.

My brain was dead tired, it needed a lot of sleep to understand such a great complex mess.

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