Chapter-19: Secrets Revealed

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I mean what will you do when you are sitting in a room with three hot guys and an old man, who are practically glued to their laptops?

Oh I know the answer.


Ding. Ding. Ding.

Right answer.

"Okay Maria give me your Ring." Jax said,eyes still glued to the laptop screen.

I looked at my ring.

Should I trust them?
Should I give them my ring?

A hand came over my hand; I looked at the owner of the hand.

Antonio. Who else?

He nodded at me as if he knew what I was thinking. I reluctantly gave my ring to him .He handed it to Jax, he had some sort of tool in his hand. With the help of that tool he separated the gem and ring.

"HEY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I almost shouted.

All of them seemed shocked by my outburst.

"Maria I told you this ring has a chip which will give you all your answer." Antonio explained trying to be patient.

"But what if there isn't?" I challenged and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Then you can have it back." he said irritated. He looked like he was a few seconds from pulling his hair. Poor him.

I clenched my hands into fists and gave him a curt nod.

"Continue, Jax." he commanded.

Jax tore a covering from behind the gem.

What the fucking hell?
I didn't even know it was there.

"JACKPOT." Jax said with a devilish grin.

He took the tweezers and picked up a small thing, which was actually a chip.

"Ohmigod..." I whispered yelled.

Jax, then put that chip into a thing, I don't know what that was, but that something was to scan the chip and attach it to my laptop.

"Huh... A piece of cake." Jax said, when the chip was connected to the laptop.

"Come on, Tonio. Check it out." he added.

Antonio came and sat beside me and set the laptop in front of us. He clicked on a folder. Then there it was. The secrets. But everything was written in Italian.


I glared at Antonio.

"Tell me what's written in this?"I asked him.

He opened his mouth then closed it and continued reading. And he seemed shocked.

After reading he leaned back in the chair. " I can't believe it, he still continued." he muttered.

"Well?" I asked promptly.

"You sure you want to know?" he asked.

I nodded my head fiercely.

There's not going back after that.

"Raphael Carboni is my enemy, the rivalry between Favero's and Carboni's has been going on for so many years. Raphael is also in mafia business, and he was the one who sent those men and they killed your father."

"Okay."I said with a nod, pretending to be confident but I was confused as hell. And there was this twinge of pain in my chest when I was reminded of that night again. I could still remember the sound of gunshots and when my father fell to the ground when he got shot. I shook my head, taking a deep breath. I shut those thoughts in some box and threw it in the depths of my mind.

"But this has nothing to do with me?" I asked, coming out of my thoughts. I looked around at each of them and all of them were staring at me gauging my reaction.

"Well this chip has the information that your father had hid some proofs against Raphael and where he hid him, and you are the heir of 200 million dollars." He said slowly.

My jaw dropped. Time stopped, even the clock stopped ticking or it was my ears, they were ringing. Even if I was sitting I wanted to grip something to keep myself grounded.

"Wha-What?" I stuttered.

"I am so sorry Maria I think I should have told you this sooner but your father was Raphael's younger brother."

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