So Long My Love: Part 3

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When Harry heard the door slam, he knew that Louis had gone. He made his way to the living area and there he saw Kathy timidly sitting by herself on her couch. He walked lightly to her, sat beside her and place his arms around her. He felt the stiffness from her body. He didn't want to know what happened between the two, but the look upon her face, it looked like it didn't go so well. Light tears started to stroll down her face, but all she did was try to prevent from becoming a paddle of tears. She sigh and wiped her face again, all he wanted was to sit beside her and not let go.

"Get ready Harry" she croaked, "Louis left without so I'll take you back to the penthouse, it will be a good idea to say good bye to the other's as well especially Ally" then she paused.

"Oh do you reckon is a good idea for me to go over there?"

"Why wouldn't it be? your friends are there and am sure the rest will like to see you before we fly out"

Kathy's made way to Harry's hands, and held it tight. Both of their hearts were flickering of relish of love. Both Harry and Kathy was just to run away from all of these. But for the two, they are both smart and they knew perfectly the consequence if they had. If one doesn't have to say it, but thinking it. They knew that being away from each other will be easier for those people who are around them. They have to think of the implication if they did pursue their relationship. All Kathy knew that she would pick Harry.

Kathy sigh and stood up.

"Come on then, get ready"

When Harry got himself ready, he wondered when will be the next time he'll be in this flat. This is basically is home when he's in Sydney. The scented jasmine aroma candles that fills Kathy's flat he'll missed, the way she organised her belongs neatly he'll missed. The way she scatters her drawings on the floor, leaving charcoal pencils marks on her arms and sometimes her face he'll missed. His mind is clouded of how he'll miss her so much. But it's too late, in less than 6 hours he'll be on his way, away from her.

They both made their way down to the under ground cark park, walking side by side on the stairs. For Harry every step that he makes, is another step he makes away from her. His heart was racing and it's the same for Kathy. Her head started to ache, it felt like someone was pricking a small needle inside of her heart. No word from the both of them. Until they reach Kathy's red Audi car, "here we go."

Kathy buckle her seat belt, but as for Harry he sat there contemplating whether to try and make it work. However, this time his heart won, he shifted his body to look at her, and without hesitation he kissed her urgently. With his curious tongue made way inside of her, and she accepted it happily, urgently for more. The touch of Harry's tongue in Kathy's mouth made her whimpered, how she missed the feel of it. Harry's feeling the burning sensation inside of him, he needed her right now. He wanted to take over, he had wished he plucked the courage to kiss her earlier. They felt that they were the only ones in this world, even though they could hear both of their mobile phones ringing, but it didn't matter because they were tongue dancing.

"Why didn't you kiss me earlier?" asked Kathy under their hot kiss.

Harry chose to ignore it, and started to kiss her gently this time. As he pulled back he gaze into her eyes. Those brown eyes that he wants.

"Be with me" said Kathy, "Please"

There was a paused, and Harry looked for encouragement to tell her it's not the right time. He lent to kiss her soft mouth and said:

"You know we can't, not now" he said coldly.

"You kiss me and you tell me we can't"

"You perfectly know why we can't"

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