Louis' POV (continue)

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As season change from Winter to Spring, without realising, time just flown by we got too busy. One Lane is doing extremelly well, and becoming more popular as day passes by. People around the world are buying their songs and albums on Itunes, Australia was one of them.
I organised a gig for One Lane to perform in Sydney, the Spenldour Festival that is happening in July. The idea was fantastic and worked hard for them to play, my first intention was obviously for more fan base, to be noticed more so internationally because I know if they recognised more in Australia then Asia will follow. Then my other intention was a way to see Kathy again. I haven't seen her for a while but I do talk to her via through text messages and emails. She updates me what she got up to and I was the same it's like a pen pal you would say.
Harry seemed to be moved on from her, because he is a lot cheerful now days and his deep dimples are shining again. I discussed with Liam about the arrangement in Sydney and will have a meeting with the band soon about it.

I am quite excited about the news that we are about to announce, it is work but I want to take the whole team for a nice holiday. Liam will consider this defitnely a holday as she's bringing his fiance with him. Likely, Ally will meet up with her family and friends that she left.

'I called you guys today, because I have incredible news, Will be touring around in festivals starting in July' Liam said
'Oh shut up!' Aidan said in the background. I jump infront of everyone with excitment
'It gets more exciting! We're going to Sydney baby' I said cheerfully.

'No, fucking way' Harry bursted, I saw Harry's widen and looked around his band mates and smiled widely.
'Yes! Harry yes fucking way! There's a festival in July called Spendour..' I snarled, he seem to be excited about it. He quickly stood up from where he was sitting and grab his mobile phone from his black leather jacket and walked away.
I could hear Niall laughing with the others and I apporached their circle.
"Harry must be stoked that he gets to see Kathy again, I'm so excited for them" Niall said, I raised a brow.
"Niall shut the fuck up man" Zayn exclaimed
"Why not? Harry's still hoping that they will get back together" I gave a surprised looked.
"What do you mean?" I interupted.
"No gossip" Aidan said quietly "I don't think Kathy and Harry would like it we are gossiping behind their ba-" before he could finish his sentence I wanted him to shut the hell up so I put my hands over his mouth.
"Shut up, you!" I looked at him then I quickly turned to Niall "Go on, go on say it"
He looked down the on ground and gave us a long face. "Aidan's right we shouldnt be talking about them like this" I rolled my eyes at him
"Say it, I demand you to" I sneered.
"Fine, fine! well from Harry told me they havent really talked, last time they had a proper conversation was months ago basically. She told him to give each other's space which Harry freely gave. But she gave him some hope that if he can't find his happiness and she will definetely be there for him. So he respected her in that way but none of us have not heard from her, I guess she's too busy over there" he explained. I step back a little from the circle I felt so stupid for believing that 'Katry' has actually moved on from each other. I was honestly hurt. I guess never assumed things. I questioned myself why was Harry's been so cheerful lately and why is Kathy being flirtatious with me.


I discussed with Liam, that's its a good idea if we use Kathy's company to style the band. Which obviouslyhe didnt object. He does admire the style of the Ferno, it really suit the band's image.
"I told Ally about the trip" he said, while I was on my laptop checking emails.
"Hmm and" I murmurred, "I bet ya she loved the idea she gets to see her family" without giving him any eye contact. There was paused, he didnt say anything after that. I stared at him as he sat on his leather seat armchair, he looked bothered.
"What is it Payno?" I've known him long enough to know if something is up and it's painted all over his face. He didn't give me in the eye contact and his eyes were locked on his phone.
"Oh come on, I don't have all day" I said, impatiently.
"Er don't worry about it Louis, it's none of my business" I gave him a slight snarl face and just got myself busy with my emails. I checked my inbox and saw she had replied, I got excited as I clicked on it.

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