I've Fallen For You

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Kathy's alarmed went off, and it was One Lane's hit song 'Twist and Turn,' Kathy seem to be not be waken up by it however Louis' heard it. "Pfft what a One Lane fan" he sneered

"Kat!! bloody turn it off" as he shook her shoulders, Kathy opened her eyes and took her mobile phone and gave him a small laugh. "What's so funny?" Kathy grinned at him, while she checked her phone. "Is that what you do in the morning, check your bloody phone?" Louis asked, she didn't look at him and her attention was on her phone "Aye!" he called out impatiently. Louis was annoyed, this was their first morning together, first thing he heard Harry's voice as her alarm clock and now her eyes are locked on her phone. Louis rose from the bed and put on eyed for his pants. "Louis" glaring at him, admiring how handsome he still looked even with a morning hair-do but then she realised his hair is always messier so really there's no difference. "Louis" she said with a raspy voice. Louis liked that and her voice filled his chest. She stood up and wrapped her arms around her abdominal, "somebody is annoyed" she teased. Louis didnt say a word with his arms drop away. Louis tried so hard not to given so easily. "What?" he asked stubbornly. "Louis - Louis - Louis" she called out, still holding on tight to him. Then she gave small kisses on his back, that gave Louis electricity feeling down his spine, but he managed to hold strong.

"Stop" he said softly, but Kathy continued to be a teased and Louis was feeling every soft kissed on his back. As Louis was feeling relax, Kathy's phone started to ring and pulled away quickly and rolled over the bed to grab her phone.

"Yes Haydon talk to me!" Louis heard her say, he rolled his eyes and folded his arms as he watch her speak to another man (again) he thought. How many are they?

"Yes perfect! all suit ready for the One Lane boys, dress for Ally and for Louis and Liam? what about Harry's do you think he will like it?" she continued, and when he heard Harry's name he even rolled his eyes even more. She's more worried about, if Harry was going to like the suit more than I. He wondered to himself.

"Yes Matt is coming but not with me anymore, thank goodness! Yep! he's bringing his new girlfriend along," then he heard her laughing hysterically to Haydon not sure to why. "Shut up Haydon! stupid! I hate you!" she chuckled.

"Yes, shut up no! I am with Louis now. he doesn't look too happy just looking at him so maybe I should go, Ill see you later. Oh wait... wait!! I'm going to have lunch with Ally first," she said cheerfully, "Oh wait is Fleur there? already?" her tone change dramatically, it was icy and sharp.

"Okay! You know what to do with her after all this shit" she exclaimed

"Do what with her?" Louis asked demandly

"Simple! Fire her" she snarled.

"Bloody oath! Kat! Are you that low?"

Kathy shot up from her bed and got Louis off guard.

"Shut up Tomlinson! You'd do the same ! And plus it's your fault! As if make her as Harry's special someone! You knew who he was talking about!' She uttered. Louis can't believe what was coming out from Kathy's mouth, it was sound cringing. Now he knows how people feels when he acts like a brat.

"I've never liked her anyway! Stupid Haydon hired her when I was in L.A! I hate her" she yelled. Louis saw how tight her eyelids were and eyes brows slanted lowered that made a small creased. Her face was red then she walked away from him, she went inside the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

Louis tried to open the bathroom door but it was locked, he knocked a couple times. "Kat! open the fucking door!" he smugged "NO! go away!" "Fine if you're going to be like that be that way Kat! you little brat!" He scolded, he eyed for his belongings and took them with him. Kathy opened the bathroom door, but Louis was ready to leave. "Brat? did you say?!" she went on. "Please, Kat just shut up!" "No! you shut up!" she snatch one of her pillows on her bed threw it at him. "Don't do that! what the heck is that matter with you?" he asked sharply, he came closer to her and shook her shoulders "Tell me!" he saw how bothered her face was with so much confusion. "because I hate you!" she said

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