The First Encounter 'Kathy's POV' (Part 5)

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After a couple of emails exchanges between Harry and I my heart felt more an ease. I have accepted the fact that he will only see me as a friend, because in his e-mails he was always indicating 'friend' but yet there is always 'I miss you' but clearly, friends can miss each other. I promised myself not to act and expect the way I did last year. It's a new year then, so I should change my attitude towards him and his friends.
My flight to London is coming by sooner than I thought, it will be my last year and I can finally come back to Sydney with my family. But at the same time I can't feel sad because then I will leave the most important person at the moment, which is Harry. I brushed the thought while I opened my inbox and saw Harry wrote me another e-mail.

Hi Kathy,
its exactly 14 more days until I see you again. I'm getting excited. Hey I am thinking ahead maybe for Easter shall I visit Sydney too? What do you think?

I didn't do much today, or these days in fact. I can't wait till we get to hang out again. I want you to hear the songs I've been writing, write back soon?

I miss you.

Always, H.

Oh! how that easily made me smile, I slap my face trying to hold back and not to be caught up with such gestures from Harry. What am I thinking? That boy is just simply sweet, well basically he is like that to everyone. I am sure he's like towards to 'Yvette' too. I stalk her time to time and all she does is tweet Harry, it's annoying me really.

Hello Harry,
Yes, perfect idea you should totally come visit Sydney.
I can't wait to hear and actually I can't wait to see you overall. I have heaps to tell you, about my holiday mainly. Tuscany was amazing. The villa was amazing well basically its just absolutely beautiful. I hope you and I can visit some day.
I miss you too.


The moment arrived when it was time to go back to London again. My family as usual took me to the airport but before that I had to say goodbye to my dogs back at home. They knew exactly that I was leaving for a while and they felt it. My mum as always cried before I left them at the airport. She still couldn't believe that I had transfer. She wanted me to transfer to New Zealand but I insisted in Europe. I'm glad I did because I would of not met Harry. My life would of been different.

After a stop over in Dubai, 22 hours later I have arrived in Heathrow Airport. Very different from climate I was in 22 hours ago, Sydney was stinky hot but London was still cold, colder even. I placed my UK sim on my phone and as expected messages was from Harry came through.

"Hello Kat! see you soon!"\

"Kat are you here yet?"

"I am outside by the way, btw no vespa'

"Kat! where are you?!"

Reading those shorts messages me smile spontaneously that it made me bit my lower lip. "Passport, please" said one of the custom person.

"Oh sorry" I said, the lady whom maybe in her late 40's gave me a funny look, maybe perhaps happiness was painted all over my face even after a 22 hours flight.
"Okay go" she said. I nodded softly and thank her.
I walked slowly through the arrival lounge with small flickering of nerves tingling inside of my chest. I just didn't know my reaction will be once I see 'the curly dimple boy.'
"Kat! over here ! Kat" I heard someone say, it was familiar and yes it was Harry Styles. He was waving from the distance with Niall next to him, who too was waving at my direction. I run to his direction and as I reach him I clung myself to him and he held me tight and twirled me around. As my eyes were shut, I thought I was in a different world when I got to smell his sense and our body closely with each other.
After a moment, he placed me down to the ground but both of his hands were still on my hips, my eyes and his eyes were locked but then I heard a cough from behind.
"Eh Kathy welcome back" said Niall, I quickly let go and my pair of eyes went directly to Niall, I came closer to him and gave him a hug also.
After Niall and I let go of each other, Harry came closer to me and went for another hug, his soft face lent against mine and whispered into my ears.
"I'm glad you're here! I have missed you" as I slowly moved away from him. Every word that was whispered brought another feeling inside of me. I tad of tingles inside my chest and it made way to my stomach. I tried not to think so much of this kind gestures of his once again. It's a trap - I wondered to myself.
He and Niall helped me with my luggages, we made our way to the airport car park, and Niall led the way to his hatchback silver Honda Civic Car.
Harry carried my luggage and placed in the booth, and then he told me to wait. I stood in front of him just watching him. As he closed the car booth, he took my hand once again and opened the car door for me. It left me speechless, I glanced into his eyes and I saw those striking emerald eyes. He gave me a small laugh, as I sat in the car I saw Niall's face on the rear mirror smiling also. What is going on?
"What did ya get up to in the holidays Kath" asked Niall, I glared outside the car and London was the same from the last time I saw it.
"Nothing much, stayed in Tuscany for a week then went to Rome, then back to Sydney were I spent my Christmas and New Year. I was in Dubai less than 12 hours ago and now I'm here in London with you lot!" I answered back.
Niall laughed, and I could see from the rear mirror his thin pink lips with a slight crookedness on his teeth. Harry who was sitting in front turn to face me and said:
"There's no other place in the world where you want to be right now is here with us in London right Kath?"
"Of course" I tried to sound sarcastically, but deep inside of me he was one hundred percent right. Right now all I want to do is to be with Harry, but I am merely grateful for Niall being here also.
"Where are we off to? lunch?" asked Niall.
"My flat please, if that's OK with you two? I am really tired I just need to lie down"
"Don't ya want to eat first, Kat? if you want home-cook meal. I'll be gladly cook for you! like you can rest and in couple of hours, I will come back to your flat and bring some food! would you like that?" said Harry, I bit my lower lip and glared at him with confusion.
"Harry, no need" I said
"I insist though, please let me come back later for supper. It is quiet cold right now and you need to stay inside, because you just came from Sydney and I know it's hot there. You might get sick, OK?"
I couldn't protest such offer, I have missed Harry so much that I just want to be alone with him. I gave him a small smile and he too mirrored my action and turn his face.

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