Love, Take Me Again

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They all made their way to the Ferno house to pick up their attire for the Charity Ball. "Good! you guys are here" Haydon welcomed them with warmth.

"Fleur! Go get some take-away coffee for our guests" Kathy ordered, Fleur face changed from widely smiley to a down cast face. "Get everyone's order, like every one's don't missed a single order" she added.

"But Kathy I will have to do two trips if I do that?" she whine

"And you think I care?"

No one dare say anything, even they knew Kathy was being harsh, they all knew to why her blood boils when Fleur is around. "Oh Fleur, I'll go with you" Harry said softly, Kathy glared at him with sharp eyes, Fleur move quickly next to him and linked her arms to his. "I would love that, such a gentlemen, when we get together I'm sure you will the sweetest boyfriend ever"

Kathy sneered and turned away from them, Louis followed her and squeezed her shoulders. "Babe! wait," he followed her upstairs to her office.

"I'm not even going to ask, Kat" he said

"Good! because I don't have an answer for you Louis and it's tiring"

When Harry and Fleur returned to the Ferno, Kathy was busy trying to alter Ally's green gown that Haydon design specially for her. Haydon was busy trying to finish final touches for the male suits.

Harry tried to approach Kathy this time, as he walked lightly towards her.

"Kathy here's your skimmy flat white" he said quietly. She rose up from the ground to meet with his eyes, as she takes it from his hands. She took a sip from it, her eyes were still locked to his. Harry knows those eyes, he knows it well. She was clearly angry. After she took a sip, he saw she left a dark red lipstick stained on the kid of the cup. She held the black take-away coffee in one hand.

"I don't like it, it's bland" she said bluntly, Ally's face was confuse they way Kathy was acting. She's acting very similar to Louis like a spoilt little child she wondered to herself.

"Oh sorry about that I could get you another one" Harry said apologetically.

"No need, I just won't drink this one" she continued with the same tone, and turned away from her. Harry didn't know what to think of it, he left it. He left the girls behind and made his way to the other dressing room where the rest was trying on the suits. He saw the other band members were looking at themselves at their reflection through the full body mirror. His eyes wondered to Louis who was in a happier mood, laughing with with the rest of him. He thought how incredible handsome he looked in a all black suit, with a white shirt inside.

"Dashing! we are all good-looking lads, just saying" Niall said.

"You don't say!" Louis said sarcastically.

Harry heard a light knocked on the door and it was Kathy, "Hi guys sorry to interrupt"

"Not at all" Haydon winked at her

"What is it? can we help you?" Louis said in a flirtatious looked, they all could see her eyes rolled at them. "Well for your information Tomlinson, I'm here to give your stupid tie, that I happened to pick for you" she said bluntly. Louis face lit up made his way towards her, Liam shook his head at what he was seeing.

"Go on put it on me" he asked "Go on" he went on.

Kathy placed the skinny black tie around his neck, and carefully and intently in front of everyone, that led Zayn to cough out loud, "what a fucking joke" he said into Liam's ear.

"Okay done" she said

"Aye aye" Louis walked towards the mirror and slicked his hair back "Aye what a handsome fella"

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