Louis' POV (continue)

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After the fitting, Fleur asked Harry for a coffee which he didnt hesitate, I don't think Kathy knows about it. I told everyone not to mention it to her. Niall objected and I told him its not our business to intefere. Liam took everyone back to the penthouse or browse around Sydney which I don't care what they do as long as I stay back.

When everyone left I sneak upstairs to her office and saw was on the phone I waited patiently, she saw me and smiled and told me to wait. I sat on her red couch and just admired her, I loved what she was wearing a simple black basic tee top but, but you could tell it was one of her own label so its sophiscated and she wore a pair of black skinny typical of her. She matched it with a pair of Loubotin heels, if I've known she was fan I could of got her some in L.A. After her phone call she placed it on her desk and walked towards me, I smiled at her and patted the space next to me.

"Hello" giggling to herself.

I put my arms around her and it was so natural for me to do it, she didn't object.

"How are you?" she asked "Fucking fantastic" I said, I brushed my face to her cheeks "Come to dinner tonight yeah?" I whispered.

She glared at me and I could see she was breathing a bit heavy than usual, I think she wanted me to kiss her. At that instant I did, I pressed my lips to hers and I held her small face, she wrapped both of her hands on the back of my head, lingering on my hair. It startd as a gentle kiss, but my urges push me to open my mouth and slid my tongue and she openly accepted it. I felt the hungerness between us two but there's still passion in it. I held her tighter into my arms and made my lips to her neck, her sweet Chanel scent I could taste from my mouth. I heard sweetly moan my name to my ear.

"Louis" she said trying to gasp for some air "Louis stop stop, I can't handle this at the moment you're making me want you now, like now and I just can't" I raised a brow and looked at her with enduring eyes.

"Then what are you waiting for?" she chuckled and told me "Let's contained ourselves, we're not animals" I lauged with her and she was right. I want my first time with her to be romantic and not on a office couch. Her and I sat up, she was still giggling, she laid her head on my lap, while I caress her styled hair. Her eyes were shut.

"Your hair is a lot shorter" I said

"Why you don't like it?"

"It doesn't bother me" I assured her

"How was your flight?" She asked

"It's too long it drag on, then this flight attendant wanted me so bad, she was pretty hot, tall and blond" I said boastfully. She opened her eyes and raised a brow and sat up.

"Did she get you?" She asked sharply.

I chuckled and said "Maybe" I teased, she shrugged away and I could see the jealous in her eyes. I pulled her closer to me and said "Babe I was only joking, you jealous ! Jealous girl" she gave me a sharp look but I wanted to ease her, so I lent again to kiss her softly. I moved back and looked into her hungry eyes.

"I have to go now, but I'll meet you later for dinner okay?" She nodded softly. I didnt want to leave her alone but I knew if I stayed we won't be able to contained ourselves.

I walked slowly away from her, as I reach the door I turned the door knob and the door slighly opened. I felt her on my side and she shut the door. I glared and she grab my face and kissed me again, this time it didn't even start soft it was an aggressive kiss. She pushed me against the door and I felt electricity shot up my spine. I opened my mouth to meet her tongue. Our tongues intertwined with each other moving on the same rhythm with each other. I could feel our hearts were beating faster and our breathing was unsteady. She groan and said my name again "Louis" she moan "Fuck" she added subtly. She pulled moved back but I pulled her again, this time I pushed her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her body was moving up and down. I kissed her even harder, and my lips moved from her mouth to her jaw then on her neck. Her head was against the wall as she looked up and I could see she was struggling to breathe. I could also see that she wanted me that instant but we know we couldn't.

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