Louis' POV

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Warning: This chapter contains ADULT THEMES. Please, advise that some scenes are for only Mature Audience.

I got into her a car without saying a word and was still feeling the pain that Matt laid upon me on my face. "Louis, Babe you okay?" I heard her say, I think she said Babe.

"Hmm" I replied to her, her eyes were locked on the road and her other hand was on her phone. She tried many times to ring someone but I immediately knew who she was trying to reach to. I heard her sniff many times while driving and figured that light tears were strolling down her face. I glared at window without her nor I saying a word to each other. I wasn't sure where she was going to take me but my surprised for her was ruined because of that stupid couple. Of all people why did Michelle had to be Matt's girlfriend. Kathy doesn't seem to be so bothered about her finding out that I slept with another woman. I thought we had a mutual understanding about our feelings for each other.

The road we were taking and the buildings that I was seeing, I figured that she was going to take me back to her apartment as we reach it she quickly went around to meet on other side.

"Louis, Babe are you okay?" OK she just did call me babe.

I pressed my lips together and nodded lightly to her. We were hand in hand while walk towards her apartment, it was quiet as we reach the door.

I sat on the couch my neck rested and was looking up the ceiling, she came back with a warm towel, slowly and gently wiping my face.

"I'm so sorry about Matt he went all mad today" there was a paused in my end, I knew perfectly why he went on mad today but I also can't help thinking of Harry. What was all the sudden urges to hurt Matt? Was because I got hurt? I wanted to see him but it seems like he's not answering to Kathy either.

" I - I don't know where Harry may be too - gosh" she croak, I fell numb her mentioning their names to me, I got use it now there's no point any more being angry with her. I have to accept the fact that these two gentlemen will always be in her life.

"Louis you're hurt - gosh" she continued, I pulled her and rub my thumb on her palm. I felt her nerves tingling.

"Don't worry about it babe, I'm OK. Matt went mental because he thought his best-friend got cheated on. I mean I would acted the same if Ally cheated on Liam, minus the violence part" I assured her, she gave me a cute small laugh and sniffed.

"Ally will never do that, they're so easy going. Kinda jealous of their relationship, their ship is just sailing smoothly" she continued to smile at me, and her small dimples showed under the dim warm lamp shade. But then at the moment I remembered Harry's dimples it's nothing like hers.

"Have you heard from Harry?" I asked subtly, she didn't answer but only shook her head. She was upset I could see it.

"It's hard to un-love Harry isn't it?" I asked her, again light tears were falling down her face. She must still love him a lot, she didn't have to reply to that question because I know the answer. I would know. Once you love someone like Harry Styles there is no going back. I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her as she leans on my chest. "Kat, I have accepted that you will always love Harry no matter what! But I will never accept if you become his again" I told her bluntly.

"But don't you love him too?" she asked. I considered lying to her but there was no point.

"Yes" I answered quietly. "But it's complicated for us, you see I'm his manager slash boss and plus! I am not gay."

"There's nothing wrong with that you know, I am sure people would accept it and I will be one of them - I honestly believe no matter how much Harry tells me that he's forgotten about you I still think he still loves you"

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