Be Mine Too!

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They drove for hours not knowing where to go. When Kathy was leaning on the window, he thought it was time to take her home.

"Kat wake up!"

Kathy opened her eyes, and saw her favourite teal eyes looking at her, with worried some in his eyes.

"What?" He asked, she shook her head and came closer to him and embraced him. She lent her on his chest, listening to his heartbeat beat at the same time as hers.

"Thank you"

They found themselves alone, Louis was relieve because he didn't want to see her sister. Kathy went to the kitchen and turned on the kettle, and Louis sat on the bar stool admiring her. He imagined that he could take to Kathy back to his Santa Monica beach house and not be bothered by anyone.


"Yes" she said softly, he wanted to ask her if she could go back with them to L.A but he knew it wasn't the right time.

"Nothing, I forgot what I meant to say"

Kathy glared at him with a mixture of suspicious and fondness look.

"Anyway" Louis said awkwardly,

"I don't have Yorkshire tea only green tea rose is that okay with you?" She asked

"Anything will do" he replied.

It was silent , but for both them their minds were full of words. She wanted to tell him about she feels about him and tell him about her and Harry. His mind was going around in circles he wanted to tell her how he truly feels for her. He watched her pour the tea to the tea cup, and in sync they both looked at each other

"Kathy" "Louis" and laughed sweetly.

"What? you go first" Louis insisted. After Kathy poured the tea into the cup, Louis took both of his hands, to warm his hands and sip it.

Kathy went around to sit next to him, she saw a boy who was sitting next to her, looking at her intently and was ready to hear whatever she had to say. She tilted her head slightly and realised she can't live without him any more. What is life without Tomlinson? She wondered to herself. She rose to her feet and placed both of her hands on his face and glared at those teal eyes.

"Louis Tomlinson!" She said gently, and moved his fringe away from his face.

"You need a haircut" she said, Louis sigh after she had said that.

"What the heck?" He gave her a long face.

"I thought you were going to say that you love me or something!" he went on, Kathy choked when she heard the word love and ignored it with a small laugh. They spent hours on the couch just talking about any thing. He could feel his phone was vibrating in his pocket but chose to ignore it.

"Was Elle your first girlfriend?" She asked vaguely, he nodded softly back to her.
"What about you?" He asked curiously.
"MATT?" Louis yelled, and sighed loudly. Kathy raised a brow and shrugged her shoulders, he pulled her closer to him.
"Yes? Why'd be so surprised for?"
"Isn't he your best-friend?"
"How'd that happened?"
"We were high-school sweethearts I went to an all girl school and he went to a boy school next door to us" she grin at him.

"Then we sort of happen but when I left for London, we broke up because it just didn't work but then I met Harry. Matt respected my relationship with Harry and I respect his relationship with his girlfriend. We claim each other's best friends because we've known each other for nine years now. Harry doesn't know about my history with Matt, he gets too jealous of him" she explained, Louis gave her a small laugh.

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