So Long, My Love: Part 1

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The next day came, and they were in each other's arms, it looked as if they are still in a relationship. Harry woke up first, and he loved how she was the first person she saw and the sense of her hair that he adored. He smiled spontaneously to himself and stretch his arm to check out what time it was. It was roughly about 7:07am, he then shut his eyes because less than 12 hours he would be at international airport ready to fly on the other side of the world. With his light movement, Kathy suddenly woke up and her big brown eyes met his.

"Morning" she croaked.

"Oh hello, my love" he replied softly.

Kathy transverse her hand on Harry's face as they locked their eyes wondering when will the next time they will be like this again. Kathy continued to ran her fingers until they heard the door swung opened that got Kathy surprised and was afraid it was Louis. It shocked her and that made her fall of the couch.

"Kat" exclaimed Harry.

"Oh I am alright" said Kathy, as Harry bounced up to help Kathy from the ground. Kathy and Harry made their eyes at the door, and saw Haydon hysterically laughing.

"Oh, you clumsy little shit" said Haydon.

Harry took Kathy hands, as Kathy tried to tug down her shirt.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything here"

"Yes" said Kathy sharply.

It made Haydon suddenly happy that he saw Kathy and Harry was in each other's arms. Even though he knew that Kathy had a different happiness with Louis, he knew well that his friend belongs with Harry.

At that instant, Harry and Kathy felt a little uncomfortable with the situation that they are in. Harry didn't know what to do. Shall he leave the apartment or shall he stay with her.

"Shall we get breakfast" asked Hadyon.

Oh thank goodness for Haydon - he said in his mind, with some sort of relieve.

"I can make it" said Harry, as he fixed his hair, and went to the kitchen, Haydon winked at Kathy who had some worried some in her face, and he followed Harry to the kitchen.

"I am going to have a shower then, aye" said Kathy.

Kathy went inside her room, and walked lightly to check up on Louis. He was still fast asleep, holding onto a pillow. She came close to him and moved his fringed away from his face. She glared at him, is it selfish that she's feeling happy that she saw Harry and Louis on the same morning. She bit her lower lip, and moved away from Louis slowly. She grab some clothes in her closet, and went to the bathroom.

She run the luke warm water rush down her body, she couldn't help to think what will happen when Louis wakes up? and see herself and Harry in the same room. She didn't want any conflict any more between them. After wards, she got herself ready and slicked her short hair back. She looked at reflection in the mirror.

'Please, don't cry'

She walked outside, it was still quiet but only a light kitchen noises, she could smell that Harry is probably making his famous pancakes, she knew him and he will probably make her favourite breakfast. She where he had their apron on, she laughed because it was a light pink apron.

"Hey, what are you laughing at?"

She came closer to him, sweetly and ignored the fact that Haydon's on the bar stool of their kitchen bench drinking coffee.

"Why didn't you wear the black apron instead you wearing the pink"

"It doesn't matter" he smiled at her, he grab the cup of coffee and hand it to her hands, "here you go Love, just he way you like it"

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