Her Unstable Heart

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'Let's just get this straight though... Zayn is far the hottest among them'' Kae bursted
Kathy looked her with a surprised face.
'What?' she asked 'I am just stating the fact', Kathy nodded
'He's got it all, his damn stubble.. it made me stumble' she laughed
'Are you listening?'
'Yes!' Kathy replied
'Well anyway.. what is the go between you and Peter Pan?' she chuckled
'Peter Pan a.k.a Mr Louis Tomlinson! You guys are quite close last night.. too much public display affection.. its gross.. I think Zayn wanted to puke haha!' she teased.
'Nothing' Kathy shrugged her shoulders with a matching long face.
'Shut up! You are full of shit!' she said in a serious tone.
She pulled her chair in front where Kathy was seating and spoke to her directly.
'Like all seriously though sis, I don't know how you could possible leave Harry for Louis if that's the case! You two has so much history.. I thought he was the one! You guys are compatible'
Kae didn't even give Kathy to speak up and to defend herself, she stood up with watery eyes, trying to wipe with her tan jumper sleeves.

'I don't know!' she said

'Like I don't know and why!'
'I felt so sick when I saw Fleur all over Harry' she confessed
'HAA now can you imagine how he felt when Peter Pan was all over you too.' she sigh.
Kathy's face was unreadable and her sister Kae was annoyed, she shook her shoulders.
'You need to sort your shit man.. I'll leave you now ... sort it out before its too late with Harry' she said
'Why are you pushing me to Harry? And whats your problem with Louis' she asked
Kae shrugged for a moment.
'I think Harry truly loves you, not sure about Louis! He has this face that it cant be trusted'

'Shut up! You don't know him I know he might come across obnoxious to some people, but hes actually really kind and sweet' she explained
'Whatever.. Im going to see sexy Zayn now... I leave you in despair' she said
She grabbed her clutch and stormed out to the door.
Kathy rolled her eyes, and looked at her iPhone couple text messages was left.

'Come have lunch with us later, see you soon lovey, Ally'
'Did Ally msg you about lunch? Im going to be there so I expect you to be there! Meet us soon. Miss you X'
'There's a few sketches that I need to show before we can go ahead with them'
The messages was from Louis and Haydon, no sign of Harry. (he's probably busy with Fleur) she thought. She felt a slight pain in heart and nerves started to tingle in her chest.
She replied to the messages, bluntly,
'Yes I will be there' she sent the same messages to both Louis and Ally.
'Ok! No problem just email it through and see what I could do' to Haydon. She didn't really want to do anything to do, or mingle with the rest of the LA crew. If it weren't for Ally, she wouldn't show her face.
She got herself ready without any much effort today, she wore a simple black tee with a lace collar that she made with matching pair of black skinny jeans.
'Ugh Louis hates it when I wear all black' she said she changed her black heels for a pair of Windsor Smith white platform shoes.

They all decided to meet at Jamie's Italian in Sydney's CBD, it wasn't too far where her apartment is so she decided just to walk.
'where are you?' Louis texted her.
'OMW' she replied
she felt the rush in her heart, she didn't want to see Harry there but she knows she will be wondering where he would be if he wasn't.
Louis stood up and greeted her with a smile.
''Come on Babe took you long enough'' he said with a genuine smile and told her to seat next to him.
There was no sight of Harry or Zayn. She perfectly knew where Zayn was but not a clue where Harry could be.
Her eyes seem to daze around the restaurant as she sat down between Louis and Ally.

She was quiet while everyone converse and just listened to their conversation.
''Sorry ma'am what would you like?'' the waiter asked
Louis flicked his fingers infront of her face
''Uy Hello!''
''Oh sorry, ill just have whatever Louis is having'' with a downcast face as she said it to the waiter
'What's wrong?' Louis asked
She shrugged her shoulders.
''Nothing'' as she sips on a glass of water.
'Kathy.. you okay? You seem distracted' Ally said
She was certainly distracted. Harry was no where to be traced should herself and bursted to everyone at the table.
''Where is Harry?!''
"Why isn't he here?' she snapped
Everyone's eyes were on her and Louis' pair of eyes widen as he slightly opened his mouth to speak. ''I don't know!!''
''Niall! Do you know?'' she asked
''Ey Kathy I don't know either to be honest with you, he didn't come home last night'' he murmured
"But is he alright?"
'Yes, yes! He texted me this morning and he said that he will meet us for practice' he explained.

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