We Meet Again Tomlinson!

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Spenldour Festival July 2013

Everyone met at LAX airport that night, it was the band's first time to fly over down under.
'ey is it true that they have kagaroos hoping around on their street' Niall laughed. Harry stayed quiet and moved his lips to the right.
'Kathy, said that she's seen it once' he mumbled
Louis sharp eyes looked at Harry and rolled his eyes
'Fuck man... did you tell her that we have a gig is she going? Or has fucking forgotten about us totally' Zayn asked
'forgot about her' Aidan said while Niall slapped his shoulders
'I texted her... she replied with 'Yes okay will see' he said bluntly
Everyone seem not to be a fan of Kathy at the moment.
''Seriously!!' Zayn snapped
"It's alright if shes not there, I tweeted her sister Kae, and she said is down for it, that's all that matters' he chuckled
At the departure lounge, they waited until they are call for boarding.

Liam has been eagerly wanted to speak to Louis about the whole situation but never had chance to.
'ay Louis .. Ally wants some ice chocolate frappe come with me?'
Louis snarled at him.
'Eh alright my lad'
Liam placed his arms around him as they walked away from the group.
'Mate! Ya you're my mate like dearly'
'Ew Payno where is this shit going? Don't tell me your in love with me?' He chuckled
'In your dreams Tommo, in your dreams'
'Whats the go with you and Kathy?' He asked bluntly. Louis face changed and frowned.
'I like her man!' He confessed
'What the fuck?! That's Harry's girlfriend' he yelled
'Not quiet' he pointed his index finger at Liam.
'Not anymore' Louis told Liam to mind his own business. He told him it's really complicated and that he should just stay put. He did admittedly that he was intrigue by Kathy and how also they kept in touch all this time. Obviously, Liam didn't like the idea but he knew that Louis was right it was none of his business and he shouldn't waste his energy on it.
It was a long flight for all them. Liam and Ally was alone in business class. While the band was in the economy. Louis alienated himself in first class. Hence being short-tempered he didn't want sit with any annoying people.

Harry plugged his earphone listening to his iPod and on shuffle mode. The song Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonders came on. He remembered it so well like as if it was yesterday when he sung it in a small pub back in Manchester. Which he dedicated it to Kathy. That was the same night when he confessed to her that he liked her more than a friend, also shared their first kiss.

They arrived in Sydney roughly about 9:35am, it took them roughly 16 hours. They escaped the heat wave in L.A and entered a cold winter in Australia.
'Liam, whos going to pick us up.. a taxi?' Zayn asked
'No, Ally's brother is going to pick us up' he answered
'Does he have a van to pick us all up?' he chuckled
'Er no Kathy will be here too.. she's probably in the arrival lounge right now.. waiting for us' he continued
'Does Harry know?' he lift one brow
Liam shook his head.

Harry was upset when Kathy replied bluntly to his news. After that moment he promised himself to let it go. He felt he didn't even make an effort to stay as friends and that what hated most. He looked up to 'G'day Welcome To Sydney' he got annoyed because he knew that she was reachable but yet she chose not to make an effort to even see him. He saw people with flowers and balloons waiting for their love ones to arrive, at that moment he wished that her face was amongst the crowd.
'It will be alright ..mate' Niall said to Harry

'Harryyy... Harryy!!!' someone was yelling his name among the crowd, that voice it sounded like Kathy, his eyes streamed through the crowd. He saw her waving at him.. it was Kathy..but with shorter hair with a side fringe. She run towards him with excitement shown on her face. He stood there still while she embraced him.
'Love..' he whispered 'its that you really?' he held tighter.
She pulled back slowly and looked into his eyes ..his green sad eyes (she thought) She missed those pair of eyes.
'Obviously, who else would it be .. SURPRISE' she said with enthusiasm.
'You probably thought I wasn't going to see you' she smiled while she poke his nose.
'Your hair' he said
'haha ..I know new look .. huh do you like it?' she brushed her hair with the tip of polished black finger nails. Louis could not stand it anymore, he interrupted them and pulled Kathy's shirt from the behind.
'Hello.. where's my hug?' he said with a flirtation tone
She looked at him, and realised how much she missed looking into those teal eyes as well, she hugged him slowly too with a kiss from Louis on her rosy cheeks. Kathy pulled back and acknowledge the others .
'Ah welcome guys..give me a hug too.. a group hug' she said,
'Oh I thought you've forgotten about us' Niall said,
'NEVER' she said with a smile
'Your hair is fucking amazing Kat!! You look different! Holy..' Zayn said
'Shut up Malik...don't flirt with Kathy' Louis snapped he gave him a dirty look
He waited patiently for everybody to say their hello to her, and then he placed his arms around while they walked towards the car park, whispering words to her.
And every time he would purr words into her hear, they all could see how much she was enjoying it.

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