Louis' POV continue

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WARNING: THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS ADULT THEMES. Please, advise that some scenes are for only Mature Audience.

I woke up without her next to me, for some odd reason I thought it was a dream because it was too good to be true, but then I heard the coffee machine brewing. I stood up and put on my blue Calvin Klein underwear. I saw her in kitchen with wet hair slicked back and a black silky bath robe. I smiled spontaneously because I've been playing it in my mind over and over again that I could do this everyday. I walked lightly to her, and grab her hips and trusted it into my morning glory. I saw her smiled with her swollen lips, "Babe why didn't you wait for me?" I was caressing my hands from her hips up and down to her thighs hoping it will get her in the mood. She turned to face me and smiled innocently.

"Coffee babe?" There I was hungry for her but she offered me caffeine, it led me to raise one brow as she moved my fringe away from my face.


"What's for breaky babe?" I asked, I was hoping she'd say her, but instead she replied me with "Coco pops!" I laughed hysterically at her and she folded her arms. "Cook me something" I asked nicely.

"I can't cook, usually Harry cooks" her eyes straight up shot down to her feet when she said his name. Even after a memorable night that we shared Harry was still in her mind. I tried to stay cool and not lose my temper.

"Have you heard from him?"

"I don't want to talk about him, we're over!" said Kathy sharply. You'd think that they are well over after she was moaning my name all night last night. She turned her back to me was pre-occupied with pouring milk into the bowl, I placed both my hands on her shoulders and gave her small massage. Again, I found my mouth on her neck where I know she's so vulnerable after a moment I knew it was turning her on.

"I need a shower, join me" without a word, I pulled her hand and we slowly made our way to the bathroom. I untie her bath robe and it slid down her body, I pulled her to me and kissed her harder than ever, this morning drive is driving me mad. We stepped inside the shower room where warm steamy water going down our bodies. Me watching her wet head to toe was driving me insane, her panting and begging for me was becoming lethal. Once again our hormones were screaming for each other, there's no place I'd rather be right now but inside of her. She released a loud groan that made me smirked - that sound was music to my ears, its a sign that I am pleasuring her on all the right places. I squeezed one of her bosom and my tongue was lingering one one, she continued with her moan, even the sound of the shower running I could still hear it loud and clear.

"Your mine, these especially!" As I circled and pressed it harder, I heard her say "Yes, yes Babe!"

Hours had past, and we were still giving each other's pleasure in all the right places. I could do this all day I thought to myself but I could clearly see she was worn out. I told her that we should get up and get ready to get some sun. When she stood up to get ready I sneaky turn my mobile phone on. I saw the time and it was 4:00pm in the afternoon. I chuckled as I sit up and it's true what they said 'time flies when your having fun' she came back with her usual attire all black from head to toe.

"Babe, change! Too dark!" I asked of her, as I let all my message come through on my phone.

"Why do you tend to change the way I look? My hair bothers your and now my clothing?" She replied bluntly, I could easily feel that lately she's been very sensitive. I stood up walked lightly to her as she placed her earrings one side at a time. I pulled her in but she was stiff. I lent my chin on her shoulders and I was playing my nose to her face. All I could do my smile at her and she shrugged away.

"Kat! What's wrong now?" I asked

"I'm sorry, that I don't have long golden blonde hair like Michelle, nor long brunette hair like Elle" she pouted her lips to the side. She walked away from me and sat on the couch putting her knee night boots.

"I don't know why they were brought up in the first place"

"Because all I hear from is you should this and should that that ugh you frustrate me" she whine. "I'm not them and I will never be them" she stood up and was putting on her black leather strap watch.

"Those two! got nothing to do with us" as I started to dress myself. She ignored me as she sat in front of her dressing robe looking at her reflection. She was busy placing dark make-up on her. "Kat, don't ignore me! Your the one who brings up Harry in my fucking face" I sneered, she continue to ignore me and now she was putting blush on her cheeks.

"Kat" I called out, she only half turned.


"Are you even listening?"

She stood up, "let's go!"

"Where?" I asked

"Meal with the rest, Haydon messaged me, and Louis you can't wear what you wore last night obviously I laid out a few old clothes of Harry's"

"Kat! Let's resolve this now! What are we now? Before we go out and meet with them tell me now do you love me?"

"Don't ask stupid question Tomlinson"

"Really? Tomlinson? How would you feel if I call you Fernandez"

"By all means, Tomlinson" she sneered back.

I could feel my jaw clench as she is very unreasonable at the moment. My mouth tighten in front of her and she could clearly see but she didn't do anything about.

"What! are you coming or what?"

"No" I yelled at her, as I sat back on the couch with my arms folded.

"So your just going to stay here?" she asked

"Yes!" I exclaimed

"I hate you" Kathy gasped for breath.

All I could do was shake my head at her, I could never forget when she called me twisted, mind you she's being one right now. I stood up from the couch and grab her by her shoulders, and it took her by surprised.

"You hate me? How so?" I said slowly and seductively, all she did was glared into my eyes, "Do you hate it when I make you whimpered, do you hate it when I touch you here" as I lingered my fingers on inner thighs and to her soft spot. Even she was wearing tight jeans I could still see that she felt my fingers lingering on it. And just like that her breath became unsteady that led me to give her a smirk. I grab her jaw and left with only a few inches away from mine. I knew her well as she wanted her tongue inside of me but I didn't let her. When she gave me a low moan I pulled back from her slowly. She stood there timidly. I chuckled at her as she opened her eyes.

"And you tell me you hate me? just one touch and you're there begging for me?"

She too, chuckled in my face.

"If you don't want to come then fine" and turned away from and walked towards the door.

I quickly run to her and grab her from behind, wrapped my arms around hers, I held her tightly.

"Stay with me!" I asked

"Who's begging now?" she said under her breath.

Her being this surprisingly let me to be aroused, as I engulf both my hands on her firm chest.

"Stop!" as she shrugged me away, but I ignored and nibbled on her jawline to her neck. But then she turned to be as quickly as she did and went for a burning kiss. I grab the back of her head and pulled her hair as she hit the back of the door, she tiled her head back. As I found my tongue sailing her neck, claiming every inch of her body belongs to me now.

"Stop babe you will leave more marks" gasping for some sort of air.

"I'm just marking my territory"

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