6 Years Ago.

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As he lie with his curly brunette hair tousled in his face, on his firm single bed and stared at the ivory ceiling, felt unease and contemplated for so long whether he should tell Louis how he truly feels. He thought about the consequence if he'd confessed, what if Louis doesn't accept his feelings back?

He can even bear a day to not see him why more a life time? he wondered quietly to himself.

He held his phone tight trying so hard to type on the keypad with his icy fingers

'Hey Louis, what are you up to?

He bit his lower lip and stared at it hasitly, Harry was undecided, should I send it or not? He stared at it much longer than he anticpated. He felt that his heart was in his mouth reading the message over and over again, he slight chocked and that made him winced and threw the phone on the floor briskly. He walked abruptly and stared into his dark, foggy window and it was pouring rain outside. He suddenly felt a slight shiver, and his thought wondered if Louis could be his side. He was lost with the thought then of a sudden he heard an alert on his phone, that made him jump. He quicly picked up his phone from the floor, then he could feel his heart was stumped a second.

"Hey man, was in the shower just getting now to see Elle. Why what's up?"

Defiantly not the reply he wanted to see.

'Oh I see Louis. Have a good time with Elle, I'll see you when I see you' He just realised what he wrote and tap his phone on his head. After a couple second he got another message back from Louis.

Then he paused, and realised what he had wrote, he tap his phone his head - shame on you Harry. He tilted his head right and left then another text came through.

'Why? Are you keen on seeing my handsome face tonight? I'm keen for Fifa and some midnight snacks or something. Elle needs to be home by 10pm as she as an early flight tomorrow. So I can drop by around 10:30pm ill bring pizzaaaaaa.'

Before Harry could finish reading the message, another text came through.

'P.s, Im not asking if you want to, because I will defo be there see you soon. X'

It was roughly 15 past 10 and he thought that Louis could knock on his door any minute. He turned on to his CD player and 'Only One' by Yellow Card filled the room. He loves this song because this in particular gives him some sort of feels, maybe because it's the song that him and Louis would practice on the guitar. He rested the back of his nect on the couch, then of a sudden he went a stare. After a moment or so.


Harry flinced and briskly stood up to open the door for Louis, he glanced at Louis who was wet from head to toe. Rain drops dripping of from his fair face. Harry saw his favourite person at the moment, with his caramel hair, sharp jawline and those pair of deep ocean blue eyes. He wanted this image of Louis to be kept in his photographic memory. He glanced at him intently, while Louis glared back with confusion.

' Eh Harold, d'you want to get me some towels and dry clothes so I don't catch ammonia' he asked awkwardly.

Harry shook his head, and realised how foolish he would of looked infront of Louis

'Right away, sorry'

Harry quickly went upstairs as fast as he could, and Louis could hear the loud foot steps, going up the stairs. Harry eyed im his room and took a pair of maroon chinos and a pain white shirt.

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