The Ugly Truth

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When Ally drove Kathy's red car, she sat at the front with not words coming out from her mouth only thoughts to herself. She glared at her phone wondering if its alright to contact Harry, she wanted to reach out to Louis also to ask him why he did that, but at the moment she could bear it.

"Ally thank you" she said softly

Ally turned to her, and saw a friend who was in need, she clearly could see how sad Kathy was and it saddened her also.

They reach their apartment and Kae was not not at home, Kathy sat down on the couch and sighed loudly. Her head was titled up looking up the ceiling with numerous of thoughts circling her messed up mind. Ally stared at her with pity, just the same feeling she felt for Harry when she knows he's missing her. Or the same pity feeling when he sees Louis' aggravated when he doesn't see a sight of Kathy. She knew that Kathy that has to decide which way to run. She went to the kitchen quietly, and turned into the kettle, looked into the pantry for some bag of tea. She felt her phone vibrated from her jacket, she picked up and saw Liam's name on it.

"Hey Hun! I'm at her apartment now!" she said softly

"Bring her here we all need to sort this out before the Ball!" he said on the other line.

"Okay! I'll see if she's keen on it"

"No! bring her here as soon as you can" Liam said and hung up the phone. Ally continued to make Kathy tea. She walked lightly towards her and placed on the coffee table, she saw Kathy were still looking up the ceiling.

"Kathy come on drink this!" she said, Kathy darted her eyes down and took the cup of tea and mouthed to Ally "Thank you"

"Kathy! I'm just going to say this now because you are my dear friend! but boo you need to make up your mind! you are messing the both of them! I see it!" Ally said sharply.

Ally got Kathy's attention after saying those words, as her heart sank. Of course Ally was right, it's not fair on the both of them, she can't make her mind because her heart was uncertain as well. She sat still next to Ally just listening to her.

"Gosh! when you left L.A! Harry was a wreck! he didnt really showed his face to anyone unless we asked him to! it was heartbreaking. We were all so worried for him! Then there was Louis when we couldn't get a hold of you he was a wreck also! He went out drinking alone that night! Where were you?" she asked frankly.

Kathy sighed loudly again.

"I was with Harry!" she confessed

"All night and all morning! he found me! he stayed with me and it felt right!" she continued, Ally's jaw dropped and now she starting to get annoyed with Kathy.

"Kathy! what is wrong with you? You can't keep leading this two along, they work together! You jeopardising their career! pick one or just stop whatever you are doing with them!"

Kathy hearing all these words to Ally was hurtful but it was harsh reality.

"I know" she said regretfully.

"I love Harry!" she said out loud

"Then go with Harry!"

"But I can't hurt Louis" Kathy added, Ally rolled her eyes and folder her arms.

"Do you love him too?" she asked, trying to calm herself.

"I know I don't, I don't know but I can't live without him is that love?"

Ally raised her brow and curled the corner of her lips, and stood up.

"Seriously! sort this out! Let's go back to the penthouse! Liam ask for you!"

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