To Be In Your Arms Again

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He quickly found his way to the car parked and tried to call Kathy several times and left a couple of text messages.

'Kat! where are you?'
'Love! please answer me!'

He got on the blue vespa that he hired and took off. His heart was racing and felt worried some feel inside him. He was with her in the afternoon but left bluntly.
He thought maybe it has something to do with that.

He parked infront of 'The Ferno' and saw Louis' silver Mercedez Benz parked outside as well.
He stepped inside and saw Louis, Kae and Haydon.
Louis chuckled when he saw him.
"Aye Harold I got here before you did" he snarled.
Harry avoided his eyes and looked directly to Kae and Haydon.
"Where is she?"
"We don't know! She's such a drama queen far out" she clenched her fists, cleary upset.
"We tried to track her down using the find my iPhone app. but we still couldnt" Haydon said, he looked more calm than the others did.
"What about Matt, did you guys tried to contact him?" Harry said.
Louis' faced changed and displaced an angry pout.
"Who the fuck is that?"
"Of course we tried him first. But he's not reachable as well" Kae pointed out, she was holding her phone tighter.
"We think they're together" Haydon said.
"Oh for fuck sake! What's with your sister, Kae?" Louis growled.
"Shut up Louis! Don't say shit about her"

They waited for a couple of hours at The Ferno. Louis was outside smoking, he was bothered and angry at the same time. He felt that if she had runaway from them its so easy for her to do that. It made him think that him or Harry are not, so important to her as much he thought. He frowned again and was irritated that thought that she could be with another man.

Kae was on the phone to her parents telling her what just happened and to worry she is sure that she's somewhere.
"No! Mum I don't know where she could be." Harry heard her say.
But all of a sudden she stopped talking and was just listening carefully to her mum.
"Oh did she now? Stupid idiot she is!" She hung up the phone and sigh.
"Your stupid girlfrield Harry is in our old house" she said to him quietly
"Dont tell Louis though, go run after her"
"How'd you know?" he asked
"She told my brother" she rolled her eyes
"As I was talking to mum he just came home and had dinner with her, and didn't want anyone to know where she was"
Kae was flusterred and Harry could clearly see that she was annoyed.
"Fucking drama queen she is!" she sneered
"Anyway go now! I'll tell Louis she's at my parents" she him pushed to the door.

"Ay what's happening?"
Harry walked past Louis without any eyes contact and hop on his vespa and rode away.
"Where is Style going?"
"I told him to go away! We found her!"
"WHERE?" he yelled.
"No need to raise your voice at me! She's at my parent's house. She's fast asleep!"
Louis gave her an irritated face.
"Fine! Tell your sister to contact me before I click it"


Harry made his way to her old house, he perfectly knew where it was as he's been there before.
He saw her red car parked outside. It was only a slight of dimmed lights inside. Kae told him where he find a spare key.
He was unsure whether Kathy would be pleased to see him, he was scared. He's missed her so much that he looked for any chance to be alone with her again.
As he opened the door slowly, he darted his eyes inside of the house.
He slowly creep went up the stairs and found her room.
She only had a warm lamp shade on, at first he didnt see her any where. Her bed was neatly done.
He walked slowly and found her on the floor fast asleep with a black velvet blanket around her. Drawing pencils, pastels and her drawings were scattered around her.
His heart stump for a moment and realised how much he still loved her.
He sat next to her and nudged her shoulders and whispered words to her.


"Love! wake up?"

He saw every freckle she had on her face, it made him smile.
As she opened her eyes she saw him looking down at her.
"Oh my gosh Harry!' she embraced him and he held her tighter.

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