Louis' POV (continue)

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I woke up the next day, on their couch with a stiff neck and her arms were still around me. I heard cluttered of noises in the kitchen. I opened my eyes and I saw someone coming my way.

"Well I hope I'm not interrupting anything here?" The voice said bluntly, the way those words were said was icy cold.

"Oh no, I just took her home" as I unwrapped Kathy's arms around me, and lent her head on the arm rest "She's home now, thanks" she said sharply. I stood up and eyed for my keys and wallet, I saw them on the floor, I quickly picked up as spoke to her.

"I know we haven't been introduced properly. I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson" I handed my hand my for a shake which she accepted but I when looked into her eyes they were sharp.

"Hi, I'm Kae her sister, obviously!" She said in a monotone. I could sense that she didn't like my presence. "Okay I'll leave you to it, can you tell her to call me once she's up"

She folded her arms at me. "I don't mean to be rude but who are you in her life?" I didn't really have a straight answer to give her, I don't even know myself. She's Harry ex, they broke up but all those time we managed to keep in touch, and then we were hungry for each other yesterday, but last night she was sulking about Harry being with another girl.

"I'm just a friend" I inquired.

"Pardon me! but you two didn't look like friends last night, and do you know how upset Harry was? No! You don't know!" Her arms were waving around.

"I love Harry for my sister and nothing will change that and I don't care who you are in her life" she said frankly,

"I'm sorry if I'm being rude but it's the truth, well it was nice to meet you Louis" she added, my heart sank at that moment knowing that everyone seem to be wanting Harry and Kathy to get back together.

"You are not the one to decide that" I said bitterly, I came close to Kathy and lent over to kiss her forehead, and glared at Kae who's arms are still folded. I walked away, turned the door knob and I felt my palms were sweaty and closed the door behind me.

I rush down the stairs, looking for my cigarette. I placed one in my mouth but haven't lite it up, I got on the car and started to hit the wheel with annoyance.

"Fuck!" I said out loud, to released my frustration.

I drove back to the hotel with a blank mind. It was only after 10 in the morning, when I came inside of the penthouse all I saw was Ally. She smiled at me warmth.

"Hi Louis how are you?" she asked me. I gave her a long face and sigh. "Not well Ally, and it's annoying. Its out of my hands I hate this! I am usually in control but for everything's what's happening I just can't fucking control it" She gave me a pity look but I didn't want anyone's sympathy.

"Louis" she called out, as I walked away from her, I brushed her off and said "Don't worry about me, I'm going to take a nap."

"Okay, but we have lunch reservation at Jamie's Italian today okay?"

I decided to take a hot shower before napping. I strip naked and went inside the showers, I felt the warm water rushing through my body. I hardly could see from the steam that is streaming around me. It help me a lot to ease down from all the emotions that I have been feeling lately. After it and I wrapped the hotel white towel around my waist and looked for my phone.

When I got the hold of it, I looked outside the window glass and stared at the view of the city. It's beautiful in a sense even it was winter I could clearly see the white clouds stretches across the blue sky canvas, with a glimpse of sunshine from the sun. I walked around in my room still undress only with the hotel towel around my waist. Checking emails and funny enough I wanted to reach out to Harold, and ask how he was. I remembered what Kae said back in the apartment on how much Kathy and I hurt him last night. He handle it rather well, if I was in his shoes I would of lost and started a fight. I decided to flick her a text before resting.

'Did Ally msg you about lunch? I'm going to be there so I expect you to b there! Meet us soon.. Miss you X'

When I woke up I checked my phone and it was roughly past 12, I felt a sligtly better but my stomach was still felt funny. I checked my phone and I saw she has text me back.

'Yes I'll be there'

I got myself ready and thought that I should just brushed away all the negatively and just enjoy my time here, after all its work but pleasure at the same time.


During lunch, I could see Kathy was aggrevated and annoyed, and everything and anything she would snap.

'Kathy.. you okay? You seem distracted' Ally said, I wasn't the only who noticed. Out of nowhere, she cringe her napkin and snapped.

''Where is Harry? Why isn't he here?' she startled. My eyes widen and said "I don't know!!" How could she say that out loud to everyone knew that we were so close last night, all eyes were on her and felt awkward.

''Niall! Do you know?'' she asked

''Ey Kathy I don't know either to be honest with you, he didn't come home last night'' he murmured

"But is he alright?"

'Yes, yes! He texted me this morning and he said that he will meet us for practice' he explained.

I am fed with all this confusion about us so I will speak to her today. After lunch I took the bill and got my credit card out. She said her goodbyes to us and walked out first from the restaurant and I followed her.

'Ay what was that about?' I pulled her arms

'I'm not in the mood Louis, I need to go back to work! Ill see you later' she pulled away, I saw her walked away from me but I couldn't wait any longer its today or never.

'No!. we can talk about this now' I demanded.

'What?!' she hissed

'Are you fucking serious Kat!!' I spat

'You flirt with me all night last night and you ask about Harry today the fuck!' I went on, I saw her eyes weren't twinkling at me, but it was the same pair of eyes back in L.A when we weren't so civil with each other. She took a big breath but still didn't say a word and turned away from me again.

'This is what your good at just always walking fucking away!' I yelled out.

'You walked away from Harry ..that's your fucking problem and now you sook about it!' I continued, she turned back to me with flamed from her eyes and started to tear up.

'How dare you? How dare you! to say that to me!' she poked me on the chest, I could feel from her touch that she was in so much pain.

'I left fucking Harry so could probably pursue him! So he could be possible genuinely be happy! For years he longed for you god'

'That's a lie! you left him because you wanted me more than him' I sneered as I curled my lips.

'Your unbelievable' she replied sharply.

'Ha! as if not?! As if I haven't noticed the way you look at me, or the way you give me the soft moan every time I kiss you. Don't kid yourself Kat! Don't fucken lie to yourself' after I was finished with sentence she closed her eyes and said.

'No.. that's not true'

'Shut up Kat' I yelled at her, she was lying to me and to herself. I pulled her closer to me but she pushed me away.

'Stop! I hate you! Did you even tell Harry that the truth? How you feel about him?' her shoulders shook with angry sobs. My face felt flat, I couldn't tell her the truth, I did really tell Harry how I truly feel but he was unconscious on the night of his birthday party. I did tell her that I failed to win his affection back. I felt terrible, but I thought I was ready for Harry but no, I wasn't ready six years ago and not now either. I'm protecting my reputation, name and as well as Harry's future. I still want him to grow an artist and be as successful I wish him to be.

'Well did you?' she snarled. I shook my and I could see Kathy's damp eyes as tears strolled down her face.

'Oh my gosh you didn't' she placed both of her small hands on her face, I wanted her to make her feel I approached her slowly to hug her bit she pulled away.

'Stop! Don't! just don't follow me' she scolded.

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