Before I Go: Part 3

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The night was getting darker and Harry could feel the cold winter breeze brushing through his face, thank goodness for the federo that he wore tonight. He didn't really know how to feel after Louis confession to him. As he watched Louis burred his face on the bench. Harry was worried that Louis could of passed out and Harry thought about how dirty the bench was. He nudge Louis on the shoulder.

"Lou, Lou come on" he whispered, but there was no response from Louis.

"Lou' he repeated.

After a moment, Louis hand made way to Harry's hand that was on the back of his shoulders. It made Harry to take a deep breath and his eyes dilated, and felt Louis hand touching his. His heart started to race than usual.

This is unusual he wondered.

This is the sort of feeling he felt many years ago, back in their youthful years. When Louis use to teach how to play the piano, and how he use to go behind Harry to teach him the keys. It was the same feeling, Harry quickly took his hand away from him.

"Come on Lou, we need to go back to the penthouse" said Harry calmly.

As Louis stood up from the bar stool, swaying left and right. As Harry tried to help him out with his balance, he was scared that Louis might fall into the ground. Harry put Louis' arms around him, and Louis had no more energy to walk anymore.

"Baby, look what you're done to me - Oh - " Louis sung into Harry's ears that made him winced, it took him by a surprise and moved away from Louis. Harry decided to take Louis back tot he penthouse, however it is needed anyway as the bar was packing up to closed. As Louis was latching into Harry while they woke up the stairs, Louis called out for Harry.

"Harold, where are we going?" whispered Louis, and Harry looked at him on his shoulders.
"Home" he replied, as they were walking up the stairs back where they parked the car, Harry wasn't watching his step and his eyes were drawn to Louis who was passed out in his arm.
"Harry, Harry" as Harry heard it from a distance, he looked behind and saw Kathy and Haydon together. It was Haydon who was calling out his name, he paused and stared as Haydon made up to the stairs.
"Hey, saw you walked past us struggling with Louis, here let me help you to the car" said Haydon. He went on the other side of Louis and Haydon told Kathy to hurry up. Harry stayed quiet and saw Kathy with his arms folded not looking pleased at all.

"Kat - come on" said Haydon sharply, "Geez" he added.
Kathy watched Haydon and Harry helping with his balance, he was clearly passed out. She put on a straight face on but deep inside she wanted to at Louis face and see if he's OK. This is not how she imagined things would turn out but then again who did?

As they made their way where Louis' Mercedez was parked.
"Keys!!" exclaimed Haydon looking at directly, Harry shook his head and said it might be in his pocket of his jeans. "Kat go get it!" demanded Haydon.
"No!" replied Kathy.
"Oh for crying out loud" continued Haydon with an annoyed tone.

"Fine" as Kathy moved in close to Louis, trying to avoid not to look into his face. She search it in his pocket and when she did she slid her soft hands into his pocket that made her merely uncomfortable doing in front of people, what's worse in front of Harry. She took it and unlocked the silver car. They were slowly moving Louis to the back of passenger seat, but after a moment Louis felt sick and vomited on himself and Harry.
"Ohh -ouch" Louis moaned from pain, as he tilted his head on the seat, and Harry removed his expensive coat. Kathy rushed to Harry and asked he was alright all Harry did nodded lightly to her. They both watched Louis moaned from pain, and mumbling words. Kathy couldn't help it and squeezed herself next to Louis and wiped his mouth with Klennex, then she placed his head to her chest, and run her fingers through his caramel soft hair.
Harry watched them, he couldn't help to be jealous but it's not the time to being jealous as Louis needs help and what a coincidence Kathy's here to look after him.
"Anyway - shall Ill drive because it looks like all three of you had alcohol so maybe perhaps ill drive - ill drive you lot to Kathy's because it's closer" said Haydon.

Harry went in front of the passenger seat and took the time to message Liam saying that they will be back to the penthouse in no time. Kathy placed her arms around Louis, and was caressing his forehead subtly. She drank only a little at the Opera Bar, it's funny how much she tries to run away from the two, fate some how brings them back together, with the oddest circumstances.
"hmmmm" as Louis slowly opened his eyes and saw Kathy.
"Kathy" he whispered.
"Yes Louis, I am here now"
He moved even closer to her and held her tighter.
"Don't go" he added and slowly fell asleep into her arms.

Haydon and Harry slowly took Louis to Kathy's apartment and laid him on Kathy's bed. When Kathy came back from the bathroom, and Harry watched Louis. She sat on the bed next to Louis and wiped his face with warm hand towels, she then removed his t-shirt that has vomit stains on. She felt nervous removing the t-shirt while Harry was watching, but she felt Harry walked away and went outside. She continued to wiped his bare chest. He placed another wet warm towel onto Louis eyes. She watched him for a couple of minutes, and kissed his forehead. She left the room and saw Harry was seating on the couch timidly without Haydon.
"You should clean yourself Harry" said Kathy "Where's Haydon?"
"Sleeping" said Harry, "I should go too" he added.

"How will you go back to the penthouse, you're drunk too"
"No, I'm not"
"Yes, you are" Kathy said frankly, "Now get yourself in the bathroom and clean up"

Harry walked away from Kathy and went inside the bathroom, he knows her flat too well, he didn't need instruction where to get the towels or spare toothbrush are kept. It's a good thing he saw Kathy and Haydon, because he wouldn't know how to get back to their hotel. He drank a little too much too, he wouldn't know how to drive back. After he cleaned himself, he could hear clattering of kitchen noises. He went and saw Kathy making two cup of tea, as she poured she stared at Harry.
"You feel better Harry?" she asked.
"Yeah, when I sober up ill go back to the hotel"
"Do! what you like" said Kathy in annoyed tone.
Harry sat on the bar stool, looking down on his tea cup, he held it tight to keep his hands warm. He wanted to speak but his heart was racing. Kathy looked at Harry too, and bit her lower lip, she took a deep breath and said:

"Look Harry, I'll sleep in Kae's couch and you can sleep in the living room, don't go back to the hotel. It's too late now" she walked away, but Harry took her wrist.

"Kat" he whispered.

"Stay, please" he mumbled, his hand was warm, and how Kathy wanted to wrap herself in Harry's arms so desperately. But she knew so well that it's not a good idea, and some-what not ethical hence Louis is asleep in her room. She nodded lightly and sat next to her Love.

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