Louis' POV (continue)

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After all the adrenaline rush the rushed through my veins, her sister told me she was back at her parent's house for the night. I tried calling her still but it kept going straight to voice-mail I left her a couple of text messages and yet still no reply. How can some one that Harry loves can hurt me too, when I am hurting that Harry's loving her too. This is so fucking messed up.

I felt vibration from phone and quickly took off the back pocket of my jeans, anticipating that it would be her, but instead it was Liam.

"Ay Payno what's up?" I said "What the hell is going on?" he asked

"She's at her parents, I feel so shit right now I'm going somewhere to drink" I said, he was silent on the other line, I know he's worried but I assured him that I will be fine and I will go back to the penthouse as soon as I clear my head.

I went to a near bar at Darling Harbour, sat on one of the bar stool alone, asked for a couple glasses of whiskey to take away some of the loneliness I may be feeling tonight. Yet again, I feel so stupid for feeling this way, being caught up with Harry and Kathy. They are obviously still loving each other and I am going between them. Hours had past just thoughts going around my head, a heard a voice next to me.

"Fancy seeing you here handsome" as I turned squinted my eyes to see who it was. I wasn't sure at first but then I realised it was the flight attendant who was flirting with me on the plane.

"You don't remember me?" she mumbled in to my ears, I felt shivers down my spine as she said it.

"Don't! I am not in the mood for ya" I exclaimed, she lent even closer.

"Where's your girlfriend tonight? why are you all alone?" she said slowly it let me to snarl at her and because I am not in the mood to hear any smart-ass remarks.

"Go away" I hissed. She stood up slowly and and went behind me, and lingered her fingers on my shoulders. I didn't pushed her and let her massage my shoulders as she whispered words to my ears.

"I told you, if you don't feel like being committed even just for tonight I am here. Imagine of all places in Sydney I see you here"

I shook my head with annoyance, but yet I was relax with her touch. "Did you stalk me?" as I drink my whiskey.

"No, it was fate that brought us together, I was with my mates and then I saw your handsome face. You do stand out from the crowd, with your messy hair but yet so attractive, it makes was want you" and she did a small laughed.

"What's your name again?" I asked.

"Michelle.. but tonight I can be who ever you want me to be" she said seductively. There was no denying that I was already as drunk as fuck. The loneliness is slowly creeping to me.

After a couple of hours, I sat with Michelle we exchanges a few words to each other but it wasn't flowing though I didn't mind. I told her I need to smoke out side and gladly came with me. After it, she told me that the hotel she's staying at is not very far from here also.

She invited me to her room, I was unsure on what the hell am I doing, but I was not in control of my own mind right now and I needed someone tonight. She pushed me to the bed as I hit the soft firm bed. I vaguely can't move, but she started to remove her clothes and then she went on the top of me and started to undress me as well.

"Stop!" I protested

"Oh handsome don't tell me to stop I am going getting started" she lent closer and started to kiss my neck aggressively, then she moved into my jaw and kissed me on mouth. I felt numb as I kissed her back. I didn't feel any type of feelings for her but I needed someone, an antidote to my emptiness tonight. There I lay with her and she gave me some temporary satisfaction I needed.

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