The Beautiful Stranger

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Kathy woke up from a nap and Harry was no where to be traced. A note was left next to her on the bed side table.

'Love, didn't want to wake you up. contact me once you do, I love you. H'

She thought this was rather cute but cheesy at the same. It's colder in L.A than Sydney this time of the year. She got ready and didn't contact Harry right away, she needed time to think about the whole situation. She looked at the time and it's about 2:35pm and used her iPhone to goggle 'nearest supermarket' it's located only about 1.0km from where she is.

She strolled the street of LA, very different from the city she grew up in. The building are taller and a lot busier. She decided to ring Harry and told him where she was going.

'Why didn't you tell call me? I could of gone with you' he said

'I'm capable of going to a supermarket thanks I'll see you later' she argued

'Well everyone wants to see you, we are all back in the studio' he continued, Harry was annoyed at this point, he thought Kathy should be making him at ease her being here but yet she's making him upset. He then texted the address to her.

'Ye what's going? Its sounded you guys argued a bit' Niall said

'Doesn't she want to see us?' the twins added

'No, no she will be here a bit later, she just went to the supermarket for something.. I don't know' Harry rolled his eyes.

Kathy wasn't use to the surrounding everyone was speaking in English but finds it difficult to understand half of them, it's so American she thought. Their tone is different from the Australians, they roll their tongue more she sort of finds that sound cringing. She overheard someone has said

'I'm going to get some waterrrrr' she giggled a bit

She went to the registers and lined up, one of her favourite classic song came by Charles and Eddy 'Would I lie to you?' she could help herself and started to go with the words. Then she had eye contact with someone next to her in the que and looked and and smiled. He was average height, he had messy brunette hair and had a dark denim jacket on.

Kathy was so embarrassed that all she wanted to do was to leave the store.

She paid for it and walked out.

'Ayeee don't go!!!!' the stranger said

He's definetely not from here.. he's accent was English.

'I didn't mean to start at ya, in there' he cocked his head to the left

'Say something, I'm like an idiot here'

Kathy laughed 'I'm sorry, I just love that song'

'haha so do I'

'My favourite classic song eve.r' At the same time they both said.

'I think your phone is ringing' he said

Kathy glazed into his green eyes, he has such long brown lashes she thought, she was lost for a couple second and realized yes her phone is ringing.

She picked and turn away from him and gave him 'give me a second'

'Hi, yes I'm on way I just got side track' as she turn back to the stranger he was also on his phone she was waiting patiently.

She could hear him say 'yes sorry mate and no I wasn't ya ididot gosh you have such a dirty .. mind tisk tisk.. you naughty.'

'Anyway I have to go' while she bit her lips the both looked each other, Kathy felt a little guilty she doesn't know how to feel about this stranger.

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