Try To Let Go

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It's been a couple of weeks since Kathy's departure, everyone was feeling that changes in people's mood. Harry does not socialize with them anymore, only comes to work. He only attends even if he needs but otherwise he still at his apartment or somewhere alone.
He tried not to message her but at time times he couldn't help it. Especially, when the night feels that work is getting too stressful he wished she was there to comfort him. One night on his day off he decided to stay home and drank his feelings away.
He drank a couple of shots of tequila alone, wishing that there was a away to talk to her. He checked her twitter, but she has not updated any of her social media account. The last post was 3 weeks ago in Santa Monica. Where there's a photo of him and her with a caption.
'All smiles under the sun in Santa Monica with one and only' - he stared at his photo looking at the photo.
'One and Only' he thought
''You're a fucken liar'' he hissed

He left her a couple of drunk messages that night. He felt so alone, he couldn't bare it. He's use to their long distance relationship but now is different. Now he knows that she wont be there to answer his calls. He stared at the photo on twitter he screenshot, he couldn't help himself and sent to her with the caption: 'When did you start lying?'

'One and Only ay.. but where are you now?'
'I don't fucken understand, you told me you loved me and hold onto you to keep my pain away. But you're hurting me now.. fuck'
'Kathy.. please call me please'

He felt so emotional after sending all these messages. He hasn't shredded this much tears since Louis pushed him away back in 2007. He sat in the corner of his dark apartment. He felt so tired, that it made him hard to move. He stared at his phone waiting for any some sort of reply from her. After a while he got an incoming call from her, a photo of her came up. He was shaking and cleared his throat.
''Love... Love you called back'' he murmured.
There was paused between them.
''Harry..''she whispered
''Love.. please I can't take it anymore''
"Harry, please endure it. Be strong, don't hate me. You will understand soon enough, why I am doing this'' Harry could hear the sadness from her voice.
''It's not like I don't love you anymore, of course not I love you so much that's why I'm doing this'' He couldn't bare to say a word, he missed her soft sweet voice so much.
''Why are you doing this then? I want answers'' he demanded.

"Have you fallen out of love? Am I really tiring... Kathy.. I tried so hard to keep you but you decided to leave me... it hurts, it hurts so much'' he slowly said
''No, no you were never tiring Harry, just give it time and you wil be happy again. If you don't find your happiness and I will always be here. But please for now lets give it each others space. I'm hurting too.. goodbye Harry" she hung up on him.
Harry closed his eyes and his phone fell to the ground. He cradle himself on the floor he felt so much pain that his mind went somewhere and couldn't move.

The next morning the sound of his phone kept ringing woke him up from a deep sleep.
''Hello'' Harry said, in his morning voice, deeper than usual.
"Come on ye lad... everyone is waiting for you. We have a meeting with the director for our video.. Liam is not happy man'' Niall said
Harry realised its past noon, and he has luncheon with the director. He got himself ready and decided to be strong and forget about Kathy just for today. He slicked his hair back and looked himself in the mirror 'be strong she said' He checked Niall's text where the meeting place was, he locked his door and Louis was also outside.
''How are you Harold?'' he asked
''Oh I feel better''he replied
Louis chucked and pat him on the back ''That's the way, now come on, come on."

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