The First Encounter

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Author's note; All chapters that has 'The First Encounter' as a title will be a Prequel. I'm just loving writing about Harry. He's so adorable! I thought I should write about how he and Kathy started. I love them but I also love Louis. (Finding it really hard to decide the ending as you can see)


Kathy gave Harry a loop sided smile.

"Hello" as she waved her hand Infront him.

"Hi" he croak back.

"Hello" as she lent on the table in front of him, "Is there something on my face because all you've been doing for the past hour is been staring" Harry looked at a girl with chestnut eyes and black long hair, lips are define and thick. Kathy glared back at the strange boy who has piercing green eyes and contains of yellow irises. He too had thick lips but Kathy could see with small movements of his lips that very define dimples on both side.

"Ah nothing" As he stood up he wiped his hands on his skinny jeans and laid out his hands to her for a shake.

"I'm Harry, Harry Styles"

"Kathy, Kathy Fernandez" Harry recognised her accent was not English he couldn't pint point it.

And for the first time Harry and Kathy locked their eyes together as they shook hands.

"The reason why I kept glaring because I wanted to see if you're the girl who drop this"

"Oh gosh - I've been looking for this - this is basically my life here in London or else I would just be wasting my transfer here"

"Where from?" Harry asked.

"Aren't you nosy, Mr Styles! I'm from Australia"

Harry placed both his lips together and nodded lightly to her.

"OK, Harry thanks for this maybe I could treat you for lunch for bringing my art diary for me, see ya"

Kathy winked at him and skipped away from him before he could say a word.


A couple of days had past and Kathy as not seen the curly brunette with the cutest dimples. She tried eyeing for him in the library and goes to where likely he'd be around.

She sat on spacious tables silently studying for her finals but can't help to be distracted as she kept tapping her pencils on the table.

"Do you mind?" One spoke to her.

"Sorry" she mouthed. She felt as slight irritation as she's wanting to see him again. She pack up her belongings and gathered them and put it in all in her back pack. And strolled away in the Faculty of Arts library. As she was about to walk out of the exit she saw the curly hair brunette walking in with Ray Ban black wayfarer. For a moment as he walked in, she was mezmirise on how good looking he was. She was stunned in a moment and felt that that slow movement, she felt everything around was in a normal pace but for Harry he was moving slow, she slapped herself with such illusion. He didn't seem to notice her and she jump in front of him with a widely smile.

"You, Harry, hi" she yelled out, Harry stop and smiled at her.

"I still owe you lunch" Kathy exclaimed.

"Hello" as he gave her a small wave.

"Can we go now?" Kathy persisted, as she took his arms and strolled away outside the library.

"Ok, sure" he replied.

She linked her arms to his.

"You know you're an interesting fellow"

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