The Unfaithful Minute

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After the dinner and karaoke night, Kathy decided to keep her distance from Louis.
She understands that Harry was always busy in the studio, trying to write songs and launch their debut album. When they finally released it their single 'Twist and Turn' it was first heard on the radio, they both celebrated quietly at home drinking Pinot Grigio.
Harry kept looking at the iTunes chart for days. Their song kept being repeated on the radio, and getting so much request for it.

'Styles.. were moving up the charts' Liam texted to Harry.

Harry could not believe outcome of their single, he was over the moon.

'Love, if our track goes number 1 I should thank Matt for it, he inspired me to write the song.. and also Louis for making me jealous that night. He's the reason how I delivered the song so well' he laughed

'I don't understand' Kathy lied, she perfectly knew why Harry had said that about Louis. That was the same day where Louis has kissed her on the cheeks. She could not lie to herself anymore, she was obviously infatuated by him. She denied it for so long, but after the karaoke night where he stood on the stage singing 'Look After You' By The FrayYou' she couldn't deny she felt a flutter in her heart when he sung the song. She wanted to punish herself for feeling this way. She knows in her heart she loves Harry.

'Love.. I'm going out with Ally today, we might shop before I go back to Sydney' she said Harry had a long face as she hugged her from behind.

'Do you really have to leave?' he whispered

'We've discussed this I only a week in half week here, lets make the most of it' as she kissed him on his dimples.

Harry and her had breakfast at a local cafe. They sat outside embracing the sun, both wearing wayfarers.

'I love how we're always matching, aren't we cute?' Kathy said Harry giggled.

As she sips on her latte she got a text from Louis.

' I have not seen your face in yearrrssssss! are you MIAing on me again?' she ignored it and placed the phone table 'who was it? Harry asked

'No one important' she replied

Ally decided to meet in the studio, Kathy was not amused. She does not want to see Louis Tomlinson, she doesn't know if she could even look at him in striking emerald eyes.

They strolled on the street of LA, she is trying to remember every single moment she has with Harry. Her boyfriend her lover and more importantly her best friend.

The lift opened and there she saw one of her favourite indie band 'The 1975', she was so stoked all she wanted was to see them live.

'Oh my gosh! you guys I love you' she squalled

The boys were laughing, she could not hide her excitement.

'Do you guys have a gig soon? I want to go badly before I go back to Sydney, oh my gosh I'm such a fan right now?' she said

'Are you Styles' girl?' Matthew asked Kathy nodded while Harry held her hand.

'We do have gig tonight, why don't you and Harry come, or anyone here' he said

'I can't go tonight.. Love.. I have that pictorial with the guys.. but if someone could go with you then just go' Harry said

'i'll take her, Harry' Louis volunteered Before she could say anything.

'Ok that settled then, will see you and Louis tonight, bye for now'

Kathy couldn't act how Louis was going to take her, maybe she secretly wanted an alone time with Louis.

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