Louis' POV (continue from I Love You, Goodbye)

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I wondered if I did the right thing by leaving Harold by himself in his room. It sadden me so much to see him like this. I flicked him a text just to assure him that I am here, but I didn't get any response. I don't really know how to express my feeling towards Kathy's depature, she let go of Harry so he can genuwinely be happy with me? seriously? She's delusional if she actually think I will pursue a man but yet I am still love the guy. Stupid Harold, why couldnt he just be a woman. Her leaving him and Elle leaving they could be a chance, after all I did long for him all this time. But the question is am I ready. I still can't help to care for him no matter what happens.

I feel alone here in this cold empty apartment without Elle around. It's a good thing we've broken up though, she wanted to get engaged but I wasn't ready. I gone to a stare at my mobile wondering if I should send Harold another text. Maybe I could take him some where nice tomorrow. He will defitely like Ace Gallery Beverly Hills. He would like that I know him, he will stare the art work for a couple of minutes, will go in a stare and analysis and tell me all about it. No, I don't like this idea of Harold. I slapped myself and I felt like a cup of coffee, but Elle is not around anymore to make it for me. With all these thoughts going around my head it will be a good idea just to sleep and dream away.

The next day I met up with Liam and Ally at the near cafe. I am officially a third-wheeler, I thought to myself that I should message Harold if he wants to join in but then again Kathy did just leave so maybe no. I checked her social media but she hasn't posted anything just yet. Well it does take fourteen hours to fly over there. I am confuse as fuck to what the hell is going on between us. The first time I laid my eyes on her I thought she was rather cute and hot at the same time. That is quiet rare in a girl. I knew it was quiet different but her sense of style in fashion is so simlar to mine which I adored more. I even found her even cuter the first time I spoke to her, she was shy but her eyes were fierced. I even lent to kiss on cheek without even knowing her name. I really don't know what made me do it but I did and it felt good. It came all a blur when she was the same person that I hated for so long. Harold loves her and I know it. It was painful to see, the way he holds her hands the way his dimples shows when she says something stupid. I felt jealous, but I knew I had to contained myself.

"Aye Tommo, what's going on?" Liam said
"Nothing mate" I said.
"Ally what did you think of Kathy and Harry as a couple?" I asked.
She gave me a timid face and raised a at brow at me.
"Well there are cute. Super cute in fact I ship them go Katry!' she said, I was confuse at first what it mean by that but then I realised it's so common now days to put couples names together. Such Bradgeline or some shit like that, I don't really care but I know Ally and Liam is the 'Liason' so they say. I would prefer 'Larry' for Harry and Louis or maybe 'Kouis' Kathy and Louis. The thought made me lauged and I end up laughing hysterically.
"What's so funny?" Liam asked
"Well for your information Liason, Katry's ship just sank yesterday" I said cheerfully, both of them looked at me as if I was heartless bastard for being happy about it. Oh shit maybe I shouldnt of not be so happy about it.
"I mean yeah they broke up, unfortuanetly' I said, in a monotone.
"I can't believe it" Liam said, sadly.
"But they were so cute!" Ally added.
"Well I guess cute isn't everything aye Ally. Hold on to Liam" I said. "It's hard to find someone like him" I continued, I patted him on his back. Ally laughed at me. Liam turned to me and said. "I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted. The way you said it, it's like you were being sarcastic" he said, I laughed because I was.
"touché! You know me to well Payno, too well" I exclaimed.
"I wonder what happened?" Ally sigh, the girl is obviously a fan of Katry, I was sort of annoyed.
"Well obviously they didn't love each other too much to stay together am I right" I explained. I stared at Ally and she gave me a suspicious look. "Nah uh maybe something got in the way between. Those two are madly in love with each other. Kathy told me how much she loves Harry and how she is willinging to drop everything in Sydney to be with him. But she couldn't for some reason. I think because Harry is just starting his career and doesn't want to intefere"
Listening to that was sound cringing how can somebody be in love so much with someone if she cheated on him. She obviously didn't love him when she purr my name in my ear that night. Ally continued to talk about the Katry which I didn't object because I was rather interested on how their relationship was.
'It wasn't love at first sight for them so Kathy said but it grew to something deeper. She said that they she fell in front of him, she was rushing for some sort of presentation she stack it infront of Harry. She apparently left her art visual diary on the ground and Harry tried to chase down but she was no were to be found. He tried to looking for her but he didn't see her for days. He wanted to peak at her art work but couldn't but when he finally he was mezmerise at her work. When he finally saw her agaim in the library he was wanted to approach her but he was shy. He kept glaring at her until she notices him. She approach with him with a smile. And thats hows katry started' Ally squalled.
'Pfft' I exclaimed, what a load puppy shit i thought. It made me think on how and I harold back then, it was back in their old house. I accidently walked in when Harold was havimg a bath he said hi and i said opps (awkward). The looked on his face it was hilarious.
'Aye Liam remember that time I thought you were insane for wanting to chase Ally all the way in Sydney' I said.
Ally's face shot up and gave me a funny look, which i thought it was rather intimidating.
'Insane? Were simply in love. Even he hadn't proposed to me that night i was planning already to move here with him. I knew that he was the one from the start. Unlike others who has been together for so long but end up breaking up anyway' she said with a harsh tone. I could tell she was irritated but i was sort of clueless to why. Liam placed his arms around hers and kissed on her cheeks, I was jealous and pictured Kathy sitting next to me.
'That's my girl' Liam said, with some proud in voice, subconciously I raised a brow and folded my arms together.
'See Tommo! Even though Harry and Kathy broke up and you amd Elle. Nothing will break the Liason apart. Ill make sure of it' he inquired.
'We're planning to get married in 2015 Tommo, and you will be my best man,' he went on. I was pleased that he picked me if he hadn't I would be annoyed. Ally removed her Chloe sunglasses and looked at me directly.
'By the whyd you and elle broke up?' She asked
'You dont seem to be so bothered about it' she added
I laughed and yet again she looked annoyed.
'Well i guess we are just not meant to be not everyone is as perfect as you two' i snarled at her, 'Elle was lovely but i could no longer make her happy. I kmow for a fact that shes seeing someome. Im glad, she is. She seems happy. Lets just leave it as that'
After a couple of days had past since Kathy left I am missing her presence it also hard seeing Harold like this hes so gloomy, its making me sad. His birthday is also coming up big 22. I wonder what we should do? dinner and maybe clubbing. I looked at my mobile and saw kathy replied to my text.
'Yes, safe sound back home. Hope you're well' i glared it at it with a slight frustration it took her a week to reply to my message. She's defitely not worth wasting my time on. My eyes seem to wonder om Harry in the corner, his emerald eyes are so gloomy, his deep dimples is no where to be traced.
'Aye boss! Harrys birthday is coming up' I heard Niall's voice next to me.
'And?' I ask bluntly as i turned to him, he too gave me a funny look. What's with all these people giving me one, I am not trying to be funny.
'Well if ye not going to organise something I will then' he left him, which I was hoping he would. I wonder if Kathy contacted Harold, not pleased with her reply. I took the the time to write a letter and that's the reply I get.

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