Harry's POV continue

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It was exhausting walking around the shopping centre, I could see so many tourist around taking photos of themselves outside Pitt St Mall. Ally being a local was handy. She pointed the shops and where to get good bargain, we past the store Chanel and I glared into the glass door.

"Wanna go in?" Ally asked. I presumely wanted to get a good bye gift, but I'm not sure if that's necessary but it doesn't hurt to have a little peak. A man who was taller than me in a charcoal suit greeted us. I schemed through the shop and I could see all the shop keepers are busy. "Let's go" I said quietly but Ally ignored me and approached one of the ladies in well neat black uniform.

"Excuse, if you can show us some earrings?" She asked, the girl will brunette hair tide up neatly in a bun, opened one of the cabinets behind her and laid out a large size box in front of us.

"Okay Harry go pick a pair for your love?"

I gave her a surprised looked, how could she possibly know my reason why I came inside.

I dimmed at the box, and there was so many to choose from. Though, I knew straight away it had to have 'Kathy' drawn on it. A pair of all black small CC logo earrings I liked, it was simple but it reminds me of her so much.

"Could I get this wrapped up please, nicely with a ribbon or a bow" I asked, the girl glared at me as if she knew who I was.

"Certainly" she said, Ally patted me on my back and said "good choice she would love it"

While the brunette lady was boxing it Aidan and Niall were on one of the couch as Ally and I approached them.

"Blimey, this place is to fancy shamzy! Their bag cost about 5 thousand, ridiculous!" Niall commented, Ally gave him a small laugh.

"Niall, get use to it, once you lot become super famous and have millions in your bank account 5 thousand for a bag will be nothing"

"Yes, even I had all the money in the world I wouldn't waste my money on these" Niall continued, Aidan sat quietly locked his eyes on his phone. Niall nudged his shoulders. "Texting Amber are we?"

For a moment, I was lost who was Amber, then I remembered it's those models that Kathy introduced them to. Aidan chuckled, and didn't say word and continued typing away.

"Here you go Sir" I had took my leather wallet on the back of jeans and hand out my credit card.

She glared at the card, and gave us a small little squeal.

"Ah - I knew it" as she tried to relax herself. "I'm so sorry, I am fan of yours, but like because I m at work I can't really show it"

I smiled at her with warmth, I do really like meeting people who are fans of our music.

"It's OK" I assured her.

"Is it for your girl-friend?" She asked. I automatically nodded as I took my card from her hands.

"Well Harry, thank you for shopping at Chanel I hope I get to see to all again"

Us four gave her genuine smile and told her to have a good day.

"I'm hungry" Aidan said.

Ally led us to the food court upstairs but it's not ordinary food court it's spacious with different of restaurants next to each other.

"I feel like some burgers" Aidan went on.

As we made our way to the restaurants, I was hesitant to eat the burger but I didn't want to be a party popper.

We sat and waited for our order. Niall sat next to Ally and I sat next to Aidan.

"Ally, what's happening with you and Liam? it's weird I'm looking at you with out him next to you" said Aidan. Ally gave a small laugh at us.

"Nah we are all good, just sort of annoyed with him. I really wanted to spend more time with my family. After this I might spend a the last couple days with them. Like I was really surprised that he moved that date to an earlier date." Then her phone started to ring, "Hold on guys!" She picked it up infront of us.

"Hello Haydon! what's up?" I heard her say, she was listening carefully to him.

"No, I haven't seen her or heard from her I think none of us" she continue. She was nodding lightly.

"Yes, ok sure that's a great idea! tonight? Yes, Liam had it with Sydney" as she hung the phone.

"Haydon? what did he want?" Niall asked as he took a bite of his angus burger.

"Well he invited us to his apartment tonight, as a get-away party for all of us - he heard from Kae, that we were all leaving sooner than we think"

Haydon is pretty much Kathy's twin, so if Haydon's there then she will be likely to be there. I wasn't sure if I was ready to face after last night, knowlingly that she'd spent the night with Louis.

"That's nice of him! I guess will all be in one room again ay" said Niall

"Er Harry by the way what happened last night with Matt and you?" asked Aidan. I was hoping that no one will bring it up. As I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know, I saw Matt punching Louis, and I couldn't just stand there our friend getting hurt" I mumbled, as I cleared my throat.

I heard Niall cleared his throat as well,
"But are you ready to see Kathy with Louis?"
I kept silence, because truly I didn't have an answer.
"OK don't answer that, but she's changed ever since Louis been around her. It's like she went back to her old self" Niall went on.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Ally asked. I felt really uncomfortable talking about this my eyes were wondering around the table.
"D'ya know she was not as nice when we first met her, she was a different person to what she is now. But ever since Harry she's a lot loveable" said Aidan. I stayed quiet still and gulp on my glass of water.

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