Three Unstable Hearts

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They were in each other's arms again the next morning. He was in his dream, she dreamt that they were some where far. Far enough, that people didn't know how to reach them. She dreamt that there were somewhere in Europe. Some where in the country side, embracing the warm sun, wearing their favourite sunglasses, drinking latte and importantly each other's company. She told him several times that she loved him dearly, and that she will never do anything to hurt him. But she could recall Harry kept saying Louis' name that brought sadness to her. They slept on the red couch where they made sweet love the night before. She woke up in his arms and saw him fast asleep. She could get use to this.
'Love, wake up' she said sweetly.
Harry opened his eyes and saw Kathy, the most beautiful girl he knows. The girl he wants to spend his entire life with. He clearly could see every freckles on her face, his heart was happy and it even made it sweeter that it was her voice that heard first thing in the morning. Kathy did her morning stretch, and he lent closer and placed his chin on her shoulders. He smiled lovingly.
'I am loving this, us hiding our relationship but funnyling enough we shouldn't be hiding, after all you were mine first.'
'I told you, I'm ready to tell the world about us.' She said.
'But Louis isn't, like I said I want you to take your time' he said honestly. Those words made her upset and stood up. She looked for her phone, that was buried somewhere.
'Louis again?' She exclaimed.
'Yeah him again. He's very excited about having you to himself on Sunday night after the ball. He told Zayn and Zayn told me.' He chuckled.
'Oh boy, I didn't know how to feel about that'
'Harry, you're the one who told me not
to change around him' she complained.
'Because I know how you feel. Your heart can't decide. I want you to spend a night with Louis and maybe you can decide then'
Kathy slight opened her mouth, she can't believe what he just said to her.
'This is unbelievable'
'Yes, it is. It's fucking unbelievable' Harry stood up and took his leather jacket and went outside her office and slammed the door behind him. Kathy froze as Harry can't swear, he doesn't know how to, he never does. She thought. He accidentally imagined Louis lips on Kathy made him so upset, basically heart broken. He wouldn't know what would be left of him if Kathy spends the life with Louis. He marched down the stairs and he checked his phone for the time it was only 6:15am. As he made his way down he saw Matt, Kathy's good friend. He had sandy blonde dark hair. His grey eyes looked him curiously.
'Harry, what the heck are you doing here' he asked
'Its 6 in the morning a bit early to be visiting Kathy'
'I just flown in last night from a business trip and couldn't get a hold of Kathy. I tracked her down using the iPhone tracker and oddly enough she's here. Here with you. I thought you two had broken up' he gave him a half smile, a forceful one.
'Let me guess Matt! You were one of those people who are hoping we would break up and you will be right there to take her' he said sharply.
'Harry, Harry Edward Styles' both of them glared at the spiral wooden stairs where she was making her way down. When she got closer, she saw the both of them gave her an odd look.
'Matt, what are you doing here?' She said
'Aren't you happy to see me, because I am' He inquired.
Brfore she could answer his question Harry stormed out of the door. She chased him and yelled out his name. 'Harry, Love, please'
He went on his blue Vespa and started the engine and glare at Matt's car. It was a BMW convertible.
'A Mercedez and a BMW trying to chase you huh, while I have a crony hired Vespa' he said, Kathy could see how sad his eyes were.
'How would I compete with that'
'Love, please I don't give a sh-'
'I have to go now, Kat' he cut her off, she doesn't understand why Harry's mood just suddenly changed.
'Ill see you at the gig then' she smiled with some hope in her eyes, that Harry could stay with her.
'Okay, bye' he said bluntly and rode away.
'Love?' Matt said
Kathy turned to him with her arms folded.
'What did you say to him? He looked pissed!'
'Are you two back together?' Matt wants a forward answer.
'And?' Kathy said.

Kathy was happy to see her friend but she didnt want to start any conflict between Harry and Matt. There was already too much drama going on. She brushed him away and told him she needs to spend time with Harry as much as she can. Matt knew that. She got herself ready and wore a customised tee that she design for the gig, a plain white t-shirt with 'STYLES HAPPENS' on the front of the shirt. She matched it with a pair skinny jeans and black pair of boots. She drove to the festival with a blank mind, as Harry and Louis will be there at the same time. She knows that Harry will avoid her for Louis' sake. At times she thinks to herself that there is a high chance is giving up on the relationship so Louis can be happy.

She hurried to the venue as she was also running late already, but her whole team was there supporting One Lane.
'I'm here!' and the first thing she saw at the dressing room was Fleur helping Harry out with his outfit.
'Harry, you look incredible, the scheme colour suits you so well' Fleur said with flirtatious tone, Kathy was not amused.
'Babe!' Louis walked towards her, he kissed her on the cheeks lightly. All eyes were wondering on them, except for Harry's.
'How you been? I've missed you,' before she could answer he lent closer to her and pressed his soft lips to hers gently. Everyone saw, she had a panicky feel in her stomach.
Shit everyone is staring. She thought. He slowly pulled away.
'I can't help myself, sorry.' he said. Kathy was nervous, and her eyes wondered at Harry, her eyes and his eyes met. She saw how much pain he was going through right now. She run her hand through her hair nervously, but Louis was holding her wrist. Harry stood up from his chair, and marched away from them. She wanted to chase after him, but she couldn't she didnt want to start a scene.
'Anyway' Louis exclaimed
''I'm gong to perform with One Lane today, I'm there Bass' player for today, Aidan had a fight with some Aussie last night at pub.' he chuckled. She timidly looking at Louis' teal eyes and wondered if he'd be okay if she could chase after Harry. But it was too late, she could everyone's eyes were on her and if she moved they will judge her. She felt that Louis' might feel embarrassed and she doesn't want to do that to the almighty Louis.
Liam was still irritated about the whole situation. He can't wait until the whole trip is over and take Ally back to L.A where they can just be alone, in their luxury apartment in Beverly Hills. He glared at her giving him those eyes 'I told you so' look. They haveen;t fully resolved about their argument about him wanting her to end their friendship with Kathy. Ally obviously didn't liked the idea, even though Kathy and her only known each other for a couple months. She felt that their friendship was rather important. She was the kind of friend that if she needed to speak to anyone about anything and everything even though its the most stupidest they know they have each other without any judgment.
'Oh wow! are you?' she said quietly.
'Yes, Babe. Aidan can't play his hands. So I volunteered. I mean it's One Lane's first international gig I don't want them missing out. I will back up Harry's vocals as well' he smiled with warmly.
'I'd suppose you don't have a change of your shirt?' he asked curiously.
'I'm here to support the band!' she replied
'Styles happens? what's that even mean suppose to mean?' he raised on brow, Kathy bit her lower lip and didn't really have an answer to it. When she designed it all she thought to impressed Harry, it was inspired with the quote 'Shit Happens.' Styles happens to her basically means that Harry happened in her life. She loves everything about him, he's always so kind, thoughtful and especially how lovable he is to people.

When the band was next to perform, she eyed for Harry but he was pre-occupied with Niall, Zayn and Fleur was around him too. She smiled everytime he spoke to her, Kathy could see how Fleur's face lite up. She wondered if she looked like that everytime he spoke to her.
'Alright gather around' Liam said
'Impress this Aussies guys! I am hundred one percent that you could. If we do well that we have the Aussies in our palm hands then the rest of the world!' Liam said boastfully. Ally was behind hin being a proud fiance. The boys gathered together and said a little pray, to guide them and hoping that they will deliver remarkably. Louis quickly got Kathy and embraced her tightly.
'This is weird. I usually don't do this but I have to I guess' he said nervously, his fringe was covering his eyes. Kathy gently moved it away from his face and gave him a genuwine smile. He did look nervous and she's never this side of Louis.
'Hey, I know you can do it. Ill be amongst the crowd' she said
He held her tigther this time, he put his arms around her neck and kissed her forehead.
'I want you be always be there for me' he said quietly. 'I always try hard to look the strong one among us but really I'm not. Okay babe cheer for me?' he asked kindly as he pulled away from her and looked into her eyes.
'Of course'
Louis turned away from her and Liam helped him gear up with the Bass guitar.
Ally linked her arms to her and whispered.
'Harry's waiting for you down the hallway, go! I'll distract them' she said
'Thank you, Ally'

Kathy found Harry alone, looking timidly as well she could tell that he was anxious as well. Harry's like that though, at first he would look all nervous before any type of gig but once he starts singing all that emotions will turn to a roar.
'Harry' she whispered, she pulled his arm.
He turned to her with a gloom upon his face, and it saddened her too.
'Love' he too, held her tightly the way Louis did.
'I saw you there, I couldn't bear it. I thought I could but I can't' he stuttered, he held her face.
'Hey shh shh Harry, please. Can we talk about it later? but for now please smash this. Smash it for you fans, for your band mates and importantly for yourself. Love? okay.' she assured him. She tried to give him a strong face as if everything will be okay.
'Will you cheer for me?' he asked
'Always' she smiled with fondess
'Now go'
She pulled him back and whispered to his ears.
'Always remember I will always love you no matter what happens.'

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