One More Thing: Part 3

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After their meal Noah came back to their table and asked if everything was alright with their meal. Nearly everyone smiled and said that it was lovely apart from Louis and told the waiter that it was too salty for him, Noah apologies sincerely to him and that he will make a note of it.
"Ya better, it wasn't really all that good" exclaimed Louis.
"Perhaps dessert will make it up for it, Sir?" asked Noah, and in sync both Harry and Kathy said "yes please" and a four pair of eyes darted their way. For Louis he was getting aggravated with the whole situation, he's hating it. He saw for the past hour how Noah was flirting with Kathy right in front of him. His pair of teal eyes would dilate every time he would crouch down and speak to her. He saw how Kathy was a natural flirt, he was unsure if she's doing it purposely by accepting another man's flirtatious gesture. It's making his left eye twitch. However, for Harry he's trying hard not to look at their way but he could hear the tone of their voices. But he knows Kathy more than everyone, he thought Louis might think he knows her all but Harry knows he's the only who truly understands Kathy.
"What can I get you both?" asked the waiter
And yet again Harry and Kathy in sync both looked up and said "Afrogato"
It led Louis to throw the menu on the table and said "give me a fucking break"
Liam cleared his throat and asked for a chocolate brownie and asked for three for himself, Haydon and Louis. While they wait for their dessert Liam and Haydon continued to conversed about business. Louis is pretending to be interested but all he wanted was to speak to Kathy directly and asked her about what's with all the flirting that has been happening. For Harry, he's politely listening but can not help to think how he wants to get Kathy alone and explained to himself. However, Kathy was acting all tough but deep inside all she wanted to do was to dig a hole and hide away from Harry and Louis. She's acting this way in front of everyone, not to make Louis or Harry jealous it's just because she wants to lie to everyone else that she's OK and that's she will be alright when they leave. Even deep inside she's hurting the most. When their dessert came they started however for Louis, this night is getting to him. It has not been a week since he's and Kathy's goodbye to each other but here she is flirting with a new man and on top of that he can't deny that Kathy and Harry are still very similar in so many ways even they've been broken up for months. As they were about to leave, everyone heard out someone was calling out for Kathy.
"Kathy, oh Kathy darling!" they heard the voice who was approaching their way. A lady who was in their mid fifties, sandy blonde hair neatly tied up in a bun approached her closer and embraced her tightly.
"Mrs Patterson, hi how are you?" Asked Kathy.
As Mrs Patterson gave her two gently kisses on both of Kathy's cheeks. Harry stood still while Louis jaw slightly opened. Could this night can get any worse? He wondered himself.
"Darling! Don't call me that only Jo, remember? Anyway I have not seen you for a while - You need to come and visit us, Chloe misses you so much now that you and Harry had broken up - darling why didn't you tell me?"
And that instant Kathy's heart raced even faster, and felt more a panicky feel in her stomach. All she wanted was this night should just be a bad dream. Louis raised a brow and scoff in the background. Before Kathy could answer Mrs Patterson turned away from Kathy and beam her blue eyes through Kathy's company.
"Oh dear! Where are my manners? I'm Jo, Johanna Patterson" as she offered her hand for a shake which everyone politely accepted.
"I'm Harry, Harry Edward Styles"
Mrs Patterson quickly shot up to look at Kathy and gave her a surprised look.
"Oh my, sorry" she said feeling embarrassed.
"Jo, Harry's the lead vocalist for One Lane and Louis and Liam is their handler, they own the Stripes Records and the Ferno will be collaborating" said Kathy awkwardly.
"Oh right - congrats, sorry to interupt" Mrs Patterson fully turned to Kathy and said;
"Anyway darling I'll shall leave now, I too have a business meeting right now" again she gave soft kisses on both side of her cheeks. As they walked down the stairs, Noah was by the door and opened the door for them. As Kathy walked past he tapped her on the shoulder as Louis and Harry saw the tall waiter lent close to her ears not knowing what he could of possible said. They were both narrowed their eyes. They saw how he took her hand and gave a piece of paper in her soft hands. Harry's heart sank and for Louis his heart was burning of anger and jealously. Kathy gave a soft, half smile at the waiter and nodded lightly to him. As they walked outside the night got colder that let Kathy to shiver as she rubs her shoulder. She knew that no Louis or Harry will keep her warm tonight. A few steps, Louis took another cigarette and placed it in between his lips. He lit it, staring at Kathy from behind. He was angry at her. How dare she prove to him that Liam and Zayn maybe right about her; a player. He couldn't help himself and bursted out.
"Shit Kathy! It will only take you only days fucking days and you find yourself another man!" exclaimed Louis.
Kathy quickly turned to him with burning eyes.
"What the fuck Louis?" yelled Kathy.
"You know exactly what I mean"
Harry stood timidly, he wanted to defend Kathy and tell Louis that it wasn't her tension to grab another attention from another man. He's use to it, even when they were together a few young men with approach her and will give their numbers but she wouldn't do anything with it. It was the same for him, girls would approach him back in London or Manchester after the bands has gigs. A lot of young women will throw themselves to him and to the band, he knew Kathy would get jealous but she trusted him with all her heart. Maybe only once they fought about it but they reassured to each other that she's the only one and he's the only one. However, it all change when Louis came to their lives.
Kathy turned back away from him. And Louis continued to smoke his cigarette vigorously.
"Like I said before, this what you're good at. Always just fucking walking! Typical of you" scoff Louis
She turned back to him and said:
"Because Louis the reason why I walk away because anything you say is a load bullshit and I don't have anything to say, that's why?!"
All four pair eyes were locked on Kathy when she say those harsh words to Louis. For Louis he couldn't believe what came out from her mouth, it's only been days since they shared their intimate night together.
"One more thing Louis! I meant what I said back at the stairs, I regret meeting you, I hate you for coming into my life! I've lost the love of my life because of you"
"Don't you fucking blame me for that Kathy! You wanted it too! Don't fucking make it look like it's my fault, if you did fucking love Harry the way you say you do then you would of not let me inside your life from the beginning, even just from the beginning, you can't deny the chemistry we share" yelled Louis. Kathy's eyes were locked into his eyes and had forgotten they were in a public place and what's worse Harry was witnessing it all. She raised her hand and pointed at his face.
"That's my point, if you didn't come to my life I would be so much happier, all you've done for the last months is that you made me miserable." said Kathy, her heart started to race faster and was panting.
Louis heart sank, he couldn't take the words that Kathy bursted out to him. Could she be possible be joking? He wondered to himself.
Haydon grab Kathy's arm and told her that's enough. Louis threw his cigarette bud on the ground, as he stepped on it and said:
"Are you quite finish?" he croak.

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