I Love You, Goodbye

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''When will we see ye again Kathy'' Niall asked
''Not sure''she said
Harry put his arms around her and said out loud.
''Soon.. enough''
After their time in Santa Monica everyone felt that they know each other a bit bettcr.
Kathy said her fare well to each one of them, but Louis was no where to be traced. Their goodbyes back in Santa Monica was enough but she felt that could at least see him for the last time. All the boys gave her signed copy of their debbut album all signed with short messages.

'Kathy, don't go! I cant bare not to see your face . I hope you enjoy the album. Tell your sister I said hi' peace Zayn.

'Don't be silly and stay. It feel empty, Harry will feel helpless we cant help him' take ca
re always, Aidan

'Deaar, Kathy it's alwa yys nice to see you. Enjoy your time in Sydney hurry book your next flights to LA' Niall.

'I help with this album so I deserve to write things t. It was a pleasure to get to know, Harry and Ally will miss you tons but I think Harry more. Liam'

No message from Louis

''Ill contact you when I visit home'' Ally said
Kathy smiled and gave her a warm hug. ''Looking forward tor it''
''Ill send you some of the clothes over, hopefull you could wear them here and tell everyone about us''
Ally giggled.
''Yes, I'll love that!''

Hary and Kathy was left in the departure lounge, he held her hand.
''Love... I'll miss you'' he cried
''Harry.."she whispered
Her eyes were watery, and he felt the pain through her eyes
''I'm letting us go. I'm letting you go" she said slowly.
Harry's green eyes clouded over when he heard those words coming from her mouth.

''Huh I don't know what you mean'' his voice was shaking.
''You know exactly, what I'm talking about. I can't do the long distance anymore its tiring. Our time together was incredible and I want us to be still friends, but I no longer can do this anymore. I want you to give you freedom you deserve and not be tide down with someone who cant be with you 24/7''
''But that's not what I want'' he shot right up from where he was sitting down.
''Well its what I want'' she responded sharply.
''Is there someone else?'' he questioned, his blood started to boiled
''No''she lied.
It hurt her even more when she had to lie to him, she couldn't bear to tell him that she was unfaithful to him physically and emotionally. But her motive was to leave Harry so Louis could finally pursue him. And that he can be really happy.
Harry took her wrist and held it tightly.

''Love, No!'' he swore loudly.

'Virgin Australia flights to Sydney is now open for boarding. Could please all passenger make their way to the gates'

''Harry let go''she cried
''I have to go now''
''No, no I wont let you'' he held a tight grip, but she managed to let go.
''Please, its for the best'' he finally let go
She walked towards custom and security didn't looked back, she mentally prepared for this moment to come back but she couldn't prepare for her emotional state.
Her eyes were shredding with light tears on her face but she manages to be brave. (You wanted this, its for the best, let them to be together. He will be happier) she thought.

''Kathy, Kathy'' she heard her name and turned, it was Louis he was wearing a grey 'British Rogue' jumper, he was wearing a hoodie around his head.

''What the heck are you doing here, how the heck did you past the security'' she muttered
''Come on! I'm Louis Tomlinson, I have my ways'' with a smirk on his face.
He held her face and she looked away.
''You've been crying!''
''I told him that I went to be apart'' she bit her lips and nodded avoiding his eyes.
She pulled back, and wiped her tears with jacket.
''Anyway, what are you doing here?''
''I just want to see you fucken leave'' he hissed.
It happened so rapidly, less than a second he kissed her again, one last time before she got on the plane. She didn't dare to pull and as she wanted it too. In that moment she forgot about the pain she felt. She was desperate for that urgent kissed, her eyes were shut and her heart was racing.
She held so close to him that she felt his heart beating at the same paced as her, fast.

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