So Long, My Love: Louis POV

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I woke up in the middle of the night, not understanding where I was. I just remembered the dream of Kathy being next to me, how she kissed me on my forehead and rubbed her soft hands on my face. I stood up slowly, I rubbed eyes and was more aware on what I was doing, it looked dark and I felt cold. From the corner of my eyes I noticed a warm lamp shade was on. I glanced at the bed side table and saw how it was familiar to me. A saw a picture frame of Kathy's family and another small black frame with a picture of her two dogs. I was stunned to see myself in Kathy's room tonight, though I felt more down because she's not beside me, even though her sense lingers in her sheets. I scrunch her the blanket and smelt it, there it was the sweet Chanel perfume.

I stood up slowly, and of sudden I stood still and my world swung before my very eye. After that moment of pain, I creep outside the door hoping she'd be around. I scheme through her flat, as I walked lightly to the living area, there I saw her lying next to Harry, her face buried on his chest. And as for Harold, he was holding her tight as if it's their last days together. Ironically, it is. I squinted to get a better view, me being so drunk is not helping with the state of mind I am. Could I be possibly fucking dreaming about this? I questioned myself? if it is then it's a nightmare. I small movements from Kathy, she raised a little and watch her play with Harry's hair and watched him intently while he sleeps. Then I witnessed how she gave him small kisses on the both side of his cheeks. Then, from that moment I have realised yes, there is a high chance that this is a dream but then again it looks rather real. That was actually the moment when I realised that she will always love him, and no one in this world even such myself the almighty Louis Tomlinson can make her stop. After those sweet kisses, she again buried her face once again at his chest. I walked back to her room alone and realised how much my chest was burning, still unsure to the cause. It's pretty much self explanatory, it's either one: I drank so much alcohol last night it's slowly decaying my chest or two: what I saw a minute ago.

I sat on her firm bed, and move my hand along and remembered that, this is where we made our first love, then suddenly I remembered her soft whimpered and she would purred Louis, Babe, Louis into my ears. I shifted myself on the bed and though about how I am actually wished that I never orangnised this trip, it sickening to the bone to see such thee. But at the moment I can't help myself but to cursing the both of them. I could they? but then all I can think about at the moment is that I got myself into to this. Why did I meddle with them when I perfectly knew that they are in love for each other. It feels so selfish and tried my luck with Kathy, but then my feelings for Harry is still quiet linger on. I paused for a second or two to realise what has happened for the last couple of months. All I knew that I wish I had control of all of this, every one knows that I hate uncertainty in life and this circumstances is one of those that I can not withstand. I eyed for my belongings in the dark room, tried my luck to seek for it but no luck. I kept a grudge for a good couple of minutes but I couldn't help still being helpless. The mixture of alcohol still lingers in my bloodstream and it's making my nerves in my brain feel numb. Afterwards, my eyes felt so tired that I had no choice but to sleep.

Morning came, I heard a small movements from the door, I lie still and pretending to be fast asleep. Soft hands lingered on my face, as she run it down from my forehead, I knew automatically it would be her. I held so strong not to give in, she stayed for a couple of minutes beside but then I felt her moved away. I wanted to run after her, yell at her and ask here why she brought me here in the first place but then I couldn't do that. I stayed in bed, contemplating whether to go outside but I really didn't know what to do.

After a few moment, I heard the door slammed, is it possible that Harry left. So, then I decided to get myself out, but my head was still pounding. I stood up slowly trying to find the right balance. I stepped outside of her room and I heard chattering from the kitchen. I walked lightly, but every time I went closer I could tell it was Harry and Kathy's voice. I straighten up myself and the first thing I heard loud and clear was Kathy's voice.

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