Can we start again Love?

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He woke up without a traced of her but her smell lingered on the bed and sheets. He smiled to himself and glad he came back. He was annoyed at her first, how she didn't even give him a small sign of jealousy last night; when he was talking about Louis. But instead she was excited for them. He was rather confused by it.
However, he longed for her for so long, he was ecstatic that she let him do what he had done last night.
He walked down the stairs and heard music, it sounded like one of their song was playing. She was singing along with the lyrics. She was wearing a silk black short pyjamas and his t-shirt.
He daze at her with fondness. He even loved her more now, it's true what they say 'the distance makes the heart fonder.'

She was swaying to the beat to their song. He pulled her towards him.
'Baby, look what you've done to me ohhh, you got me tide down' He sung.
She smiled sweetly.
'I think you have my shirt' with a grin upon his face.
'Yeah I took it so you don't wear it.. So I can just stare at your perfect bare body' she said cheekly moving her eyes head to toe at Harry.
'What are you trying to make?'
'I know but you can't cook' he cocked his head looking at the stove.
'I'm trying!'
'Just sit down and relax' she said.
He's loving every moment of this even though it's just temporary. He knows once they go back to city, to reality she won't be his anymore. Louis will do everything and anything he can do get what he wants. He knows him too well.
'Voila' she said
'I made pancakes' she said smiley. Even though she was two years older than he was, the girl who twinkled her eyes at him is his baby. She couldn't help herself and lent closer to him and kissed him gently.
She lick her lips.
'Hmm yummy' she said.
'Shut up you! Stop being a tease and eat with me.'
They ate together and Kathy was telling him what's she done for the last couple of months that he missed on. Harry's hands lingered his warm hands to her tights.
'The Ferno, is getting really popular Harry, ugh! I could just die with happiness. When we used Facebook to promote our website then bang it shot right up with online orders. International customers as well. Haydon and I wants to expand.'
Harry was listening to her and engaged to everything she said, he missed this.
I miss us. He thought.
He could see she was getting flustered she was talking really fast and there was a glow on her face.
'Expand in L.A?' He said softly.
'I wish. Love' she said.
'What did you say?' He smirk
She placed both of her hands on her mouth.
'Say it again or else I'll take control of you again like how I did last night' he said with full of confidents.
Kathy stood up and opened her arms in front of him and said.
'Take over then! Love'she said slowly and seductively.
Harry smiled that both of his dimples were showing, oh she miss them.
He grab by the waist and carried her on the kitchen bench. She linger her small fingers on his chest and abdominal that she started to be a fan of.
He caress his lips to hers and found her tongue. Her tongue seem to be hungry for his and kissed her even harder, harder than ever.
He suck her neck so hard, she started to make her sweet groan again from the pleasure that's he's been giving her. He slid his hand and rub her sensitive spot that made her cradle deeply to him and her wrapped both of her legs to his waist.
'Love!' Trying to gasp for some air.
'Let's go upstairs'
She wrapped herself more tighter and Harry carried her up stairs to her bed.
Where they can both forget their problem and be alone. It's a place where it's just him and her and to make sweet love again, over and again. She was bewitched by Harry's enduring touches and kisses. Every inch of her soft body, Harry owned that morning and last night.

A couple of hours had passed, they both knew they had to get up and faced reality. Harry had practice with the band before the festival tomorrow. Kathy and her team had a deadline. They couldn't run away from it, hence Harry being the lead man of the band and Kathy being the head designer of her company. She had a charity event coming up that she had to finish organising. She thought about One Lane if they could perform at the charity ball. It's something that she had to discuss with Louis and Liam. But she's noticed that Liam was a bit distanced from her. He use to smile at her, tried to converse with her. However, lately he doesn't even look at her.

She dragged herself out of bed, she suddenly felt shivers down her spine without Harry's body leaning against her.

'Love come on' he said.
'Have you even checked your phone'
'No' she folded her arms and gave him a long pout.
'I don't want to, I'm scared'
Harry wondered why she has said that, scared of the amount of stress she has at work. Work stress? Is that even it? Then he thought of Louis. He cringe.

They both got ready, Kathy gave him a new black t-shirt that labeled The Label Ferno printed on.
'Sorry that's all I could find, it's our old season stock.'
He smiled at her without any worried some on his face.
'Anything, will do'
She sat on her dressing robe staring at her reflection on the arch mirror, then Harry went behind and hugged her by the neck.
'Check your phone, Love! You can message at least your sister. It's past noon already'
She turned her iPhone and as soon as she did numerous of messages and voicemails came through.
'Miss popular' Harry teased.
Kathy glared at it and was overwhelmed, the only person who possibly won't give up was Louis.
She let all the messages came through but didn't read them. Her phone started to ring, a photo of Louis came up on her phone and Harry stared at it.
'Answer it, it's not fair on him' he said.
She contemplated at first but she didn't want Louis to get angry at her even more. Harry left her where she was sitting down and went outside her room.
'Hi Louis' she said softly
'I know my bad, I'm sorry. I'm still here yes! No, don't I'll come find you. Late afternoon tea? Okay. I'll meet you near my work. I'm going to work now. Yes okay.'
'Okay bye.'

Harry squeeze her shoulders.
She gave him a small smile and nodded.
'Kat! Don't change around him just because of last night'
'And this morning' she chuckled and gently slapped his face.
'You clearly make him happy, and I want you to keep whatever your doing to make him feel that way'
'Huh?' Kathy replied.
'Your giving me up so Louis can be happy'
He nodded, she moved her body away from him and sigh.
'Complicated, Harry'
'I don't do complicated, Love' she continued.
'If anyone knows our story, they will think we are utterly weird. Your giving up your happiness so he can be happy. Is that mean you love him more than me' she asked, her Australia accent how he he missed it.
'No!' he said, promptly.
'I just want him to be happy for once. I love seeing him smile and laugh. And plus if you annoy him he might take it on us boys. The boys wont like that. Zayn might quit.' he chuckled.

He made his way to her and embraced her tighly. Tight enough as if he'll never see her again.
Kathy thought about it, while Harry was holding her. She realised that maybe he's right, Harry is more understanding more than Louis. Harry would be able to handle his emotions unlike him, he was scared of that. Scared of losing him too.

He stared at her bare neck and noticed that she had dark, swollen bruises on it.
'Love!' She gently rubbed her neck as she titled her head to his.
'Maybe you want to cover that. Louis will be furious.' He sadly regretfully.
Kathy's heart sank, she was yet again lost, lost for words, lost in Harry's and Louis' wilderness, being caught between two amazing human beings.
'Why'd you say things as if Louis own me.' She exclaimed.
He chose to ignore it and instead he pressed his lips to hers again. As he pulled back she looked her with his enduring eyes and started to mumble words.
'I want you to be happy and him as well. If you two can give each other that, then by all means I'm ready to step back and give up my own happiness for the two people I truly care about. But if not, I'll be here fighting for you.'
Her eyes started to shred a peak of a tear that slowly slid down her face. He once again held her tight to his chest.

'Oh wait'
'I have something for you, Love'
She walked towards her closet and got black bag that says 'Christian Loboutin' printed on it.
Harry stared at her as she smiled at him with kindess.
'I got you this, I was suppose to send it to your for your birthday, but I got scared you might chuck in the bin and it wil be a waste'
'Sorry its not Saint Laurent' she laughed.
He opened it with glossy eyes.
It was a pair of Loboutin black loafers, it was so him. Every detailed of the shoe was Harry all over it.
'Love, I adore it so much, thank you' his posh British came about more prominently.
'We're matching' he said.
The eagerness on Kathy's eyes can't be helped, she wanted him again. She pulled him close, he dropped the pair of shoes.
'I love you, Harry. Always have, always will' she whispered.
'I know,'he replied.

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