Louis POV (continue)

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The next day I woke up past noon already with numerous calls, text messages and emails from variety of people. I tried scrolling to see if even tried, but none.. I decided that this instant I want to speak to her, I dialed her but it went straight to voice-mail, I tried again and after a couple of rings she picked up.
"Hello" she said, with a raspy voice.
"Ah Hi Kathy, its Louis" I said sharply, there was a paused on the other line.
"Louis, what do you want? do you know what time it is here its fucking 4 in the morning. We have 18 hours difference, you inconsiderate bastard" she said, this girl really knows how to get me, I didn't know what to say I really didn't have anything to tell her only how I've missed her.
"So what do you want?" she raised her voice.
"Nothing, I just miss you that's all" I whispered, she didn't reply straight away and my heart was stumping.
"Well ... " I said, impatiently.
"Okay, let me get back to sleep. Bye" then she hung up, it took me a couple seconds and realised what she's just done. So rude of her. I raised a brow and stared at my phone seconds later I yelled at my phone.
I will not contact that girl anymore, who does she thinks she is. I threw my phone on my bed. I stood up slowly and my head was pounding, hang over, how much alcohol did I have last night I cant seem to remember anything. I scheme through my apartment looking for my cigarette. I took one and placed it my mouth, when I was just go outside the balcony. My phone started to ring fuck it must be here I run to my bed and searched it under the sheets and pillows. When I finally got the hold of it, 'Payno' incoming call, I sigh.
"Ya what is it?" I answered the phone,
"Tommo, how are you feeling? Ally made soup good soup to cure any hangover. Want to come over?" He said, how nice of him I thought.
"Ugh, okay ill be there soon."

It's a Sunday, but I asked poor Alberto to take to be driver for today, I can't seem to function very well today. I made no effort today got ready and just wore one of my Adidas jumper.
"Had a good time last night Master Louis?" Alberto asked, I was wearing an aviator sunglasses to hide my dark circles. I glared at the window, seems so bright.
"Ugh" I whine.
"I can't quite remember what happened" I said, he laughed.
"Just drive Alberto, my head is pounding, like my heart ouch" he was stiffly focused on the road, and told me
"Maybe you should call Miss Kathy so she could fix your heart" he joked, stupid Alberto, I've actually forgotten about that girl. I whined to him.
"She doesn't care what happens to me" I said quietly, looking at the window of the car. I actually do believe she doesn't, I was just a fling to her, yet someone she played around me. I'm such a fool for think she might actually liked me.
"I don't think so" he exclaimed, "I saw the way she looks at you" he said with his thick Spanish accent, I tried not to listen because it will just confuse me more.
"Alberto, she loves Harry" I explained
"Yes, she does, true" he tilt his head to me and shrugged his shoulders.

When we reach Liams and Ally's apartment I told him to take a day off, whatever he said in the car made me at ease. I told him that Liam will drive me home. I came inside the building of the apartment and stood at the foyer, I wanted to take the lift but then I thought about Harry and Kathy on how much they loved the stairs, maybe I should try it and see what's the fascination. I climbed each stair and felt a bit more relax, but every step I seemed to make my chest got tighter, I held them and tried to catch my breath. fuck it must be all the smoking I have to quit soon. Every step I seem to make I don't noticed it as much anymore. When I reach level twelfth floor, it was rewarding that I managed to come up the stairs, it was relaxing but tiring at the same time. I rung the doorbell, and it was those old fashion doorbell you will hear in old homes. It must of been Liam's idea. Seconds later, I heard foot steps and the white door sway opened. I was surprised to see Harold.

"Lou" he said smiley

"Good you came, Ally's soup is amazing," I finch and realised that everyone was here obviously not her.

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