The First Encounter (Part 3)

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A couple of days had past Kathy decided to keep her distance from Harry for a while. She can't help feeling unease because her feelings for him and getting stronger and stronger. She doesn't know how to compete with all the girls who are chasing him and especially this Louis Tomlinson. She checked her phone many times glancing at it and a couple of messages that Harry's been texting her but she's been replying bluntly.

'Hi Kathy, lunch or coffee soon? I'm missing my friend - H'

'Kathy, the weather is merely beautiful outside. Come out (with me). - H'

'How long will H see K? Hoping soon. - H'

'I'm siting alone outside a cute cafe, looking at the blue sky, drinking coffee it's no fun when you're not here'

He would send her a random text messages but all she could reply is; 'OK; soon enough; I'm busy, will do when I can'

Harry was not impressed which such response but he can't do much about it. She glared at the bunch of lilies that Harry has given her and it's slowly dying she got upset and she had even drawn them, she quickly opened her art diary and started to draw away. Hours had past she stared at it and Harry was in her mind. She heard a light knock on the door and peak through the door and saw Harry.

"Oh shit!" She panicked as she was wearing track pants and an Adidas hoodie.

"Harry go away!"

"Kathy open the door please" he croak

She turned the knob with a slight panicking feel in her stomach. Harry latch into her.

"As if not see me" he said

"I've been busy, Harry"

As she smiled the sense of him, she could feel him breath. He let go and stared at her.

"Are you busy now can I stay a bit"

She'd missed so much and she can't just shoo him away. "I'll make us tea"

Harry wondered in her flat and straight away he saw her art diary laid open, he could clearly see she was trying to paint the lilies that he had given her.

He took the chair and glared at it, every detail on the painting she captured it. She came back with two cup of tea in her hand he carefully hand it to him as he gave her a smile.

"How was your after party?" asked Kathy in a monotone.

"Hmmp it was good but it would of been better if you were there!"

"Yvette was there so? I'm sure it would of been good" Kathy said sharply.

Harry looked at Kathy as he did a small blow on his tea, Kathy walked around to seat on her catch, looking away from Harry. He turned to her.

"Um Kat, when are you leaving for Sydney?"

"After exams couple of days after then I'm off so basically in a fortnight! I can't wait it's too damn cold here. Unlike Sydney it would be stinky hot - ugh the heat is not good! I might go somewhere tropical - Hawaii maybe" she giggled. Harry walked lightly towards where she was seating and sat next to her.

"Who would you go with? If you were!"

"A friend"

"A boy-friend?" He asked sounding very innocent.

"Matt" Kathy croak.

Harry placed his lips together.

"Matt's not a boy friend, he's only a friend like a best friend" she assured him. Though, he was confuse to why suddenly he felt a flicker of relief.

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