Without You: Part 1

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Kathy was not aware of how long she had spent sobbing on the stair way steps. She was left alone, cold and lost. For a moment she was senseless, unable to feel anything. Someone came closer to her and placed an outwear around her shoulders, she smelt leather.

"Kat" as she turned her head, hoping it would be Harry or Louis but instead she saw her best friend. Pair of grey eyes stared back at her.
"Kat what happened?" he asked, voice was raspy.

All she could do was shake her head in front of her concerned friend.

"Come on! up you get" he held her,with no balance at all. They walked slowly back to Haydon's apartment, and Kathy's pair of eyes were still shredding light tears. As they entered the apartment they saw every one at the living room, nearly every one was putting on their jackets on, ready to leave.

"Matt ! thank goodness you found your bloody mate" Kae exclaimed, "Oh look at her, she's a bloody wreck" she added. Ally walked lightly to her friends, and embraced her tightly but Ally felt no emotions from Kathy. She was stiff, her face was unreadable. She wanted to help her friend out but how can she? she's leaving soon.

"Go rest Kat, let's talk to tomorrow or whenever you feel like to talk" she held her hand, and slowly Kathy let go. From the corner of her eyes, she could see Liam was not amused.

"Look Liam, you don't have to be annoyed anymore OK. Us three have sorted the shit between us" said Kathy abruptly.

"About time!" Liam fired back, as soon he finished with his harsh words, Kathy looked directly to him.

"I didn't mean this to happened and I am so sorry. I understand why you hate me I was causing chaos and you were very afraid that it will start controversial with Stripes Records I mean I would of acted the same if I was in ya shoes" her head made way to Niall and Aidan who was listening intently to her.

"And as for you two I am sorry if I hurt your best friend, you guys witnessed our relationship from the start I didn't mean to leave him hanging like that. But I promised myself something and that's why I left him alone months ago, I thought I was doing the right thing but obviously I wasn't. And for Louis I really tried to stay away from him but I didn't mean to fall for him, there - I said it. I love the both of them but we had it so - that's it !"
Aidan came close to her and embraced her, when he let go, he said:

"We're not angry with you buddy! It's not entire your fault we saw how Harry and Louis to you, both of them care for you a lot so I understand why your heart can't decide. My piece of advice to you is that - yes you love the both of them but think about who do you imagine spending your life with or who you can't live with out but anyway find some one new Harry and Louis are old news"

After the kind words from Aidan, he gave her a small laugh.

"Thanks Aidan" her eyes wondered to every one "Thanks for coming tonight guys and again my apologies tonight should of been a fucking great night it turned out to be shit - sorry - just excuse me I' ll just go to bed"

She walked away from them, and Matt's hands was still on her shoulders. She went straight to the guest room in Haydon's apartment, she turned the the door knob and the the door swung and she felt shivers from dark room. She removed her boots and slowly crawled to the bed. Matt thought about turning on the light, but he knew Kathy so well that she would only like a small light beaming through. Matt saw that his best friend were not showing any sort of emotions, he was concerned, the way a good mate would. For years that he's known her, he's never seen like this, she was simply a wreck. She cradle herself in the corner and Matt placed the black embroidered around her. He and she didn't say word, he heard sniff but he knew he had to leave her alone.
"Kat, ill be outside with Kae and Haydon, if you need anything please call one of us" he mumbled.
There was a paused, a sniff again was heard from Kathy, "okay, thanks" she croak.
Matt left her alone in dark, cold room.

Matt walked lightly away from the room to the hall way where he could hear Kae and Haydon arguing about something.
"I'm her fucking sister so Ill decide that we should block Louis so he could stop bothering here" Kae said.
"It's her life not yours, I;m sure she wouldn't want you interfering with her personal life" Haydon answered back sharply.
"Are you forgetting something dumb- dumb you are? I'm her sister, I'm in her personal circle so yes I could decide. You know mum and dad are worried sick, they haven't seen her face for a while-"
"What's going on?" Matt interrupted.
"Her phone kept going off- Louis called her a millions times for the past half hour -but no trace of Harry" Kae explained. Haydon sat on the couch and sigh heavily, and rubbed his forehead with annoyance.
"I told Haydon that we should just block Louis for now - Kathy is a mess far out, crying like that! So fucking embarrassing" she shriek.
"I just think its not our business-"
"Well its mine!" Kae cut him short "I need her to be normal again- Louis is making her life complicated" she added. Haydon put his hand in the air quickly and said "Fine! Do as you pleased, but if she finds out oh god! Hope god will help you"
Matt sat on one of the single seater and had no eye contact on Kae and Haydon, he didn't say word and contemplated. He had reasons why he hated Louis and Harry, he wanted them to be away from his best-friend. It's not like he had any more romantically feelings for her, so he thinks but he hated the fact that he spent 5 years with Kathy in their youth years, she was never ready to give herself to him. Then Harry came along, only a few months in the relationship, she has given in. That made him jealous in so many ways, he thought about what did this young curly boy had that he didn't. His first impression of Harry was tall, lanky, young and fragile. But the way Kathy talks about him, it's like her world evolves around him. Louis was all new to him. She had never mentioned him to him, it was only at the Charity Ball that he saw him with her. They suited well, he thought, it was hard to admit but they were a perfect fit. He saw how Louis was like that night, always caring for her. Always asking her if she wanted anything to eat or drink. The smile she had was different, it was enduring, full of love.
"Yes, I agree. Block Louis for a while" he finally spoke, he saw Haydon rolled his eyes at him and Kae chuckled.
"Ha! See!"
"The both of you are idiots! She really likes Louis, I really think she gotten so much happier with him lately" Haydon explained.
"Shut up Haydon! Kathy is meant for Harry, she's being like this because she loves Harry too much, like a lot! She fucking lost her virginity to him FYI you cant forget your first time"
Matt's narrowed his eyebrows and felt that his throat ran dry.
"I see a different Kathy when she's with Louis" as Haydon stood up and tugged his shirt down, "excuse moi, I'm going to bed, we can clean up tomorrow, Kae you can sleep on the couch," Kae sneered back to him.
"Matt are you staying?" Kae asked.
"Yes, I might watch your sister if that's OK?"
"Er.. OK I guess" Kae took the woven blanket on the couch that was neatly done and cradle herself with.
"Are you OK with that Haydon?" He asked quietly, as him and Haydon made way to the corridor.
Haydon gave him a small smile "Of course, keep her warm!"

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