Don't Make Me Go: Part 2

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Haydon and Kae was nice enough to order pizza for everyone to share. Every one knew that only Louis and Kathy were clueless on the early departure of the L.A crew. No one dare to bring it up because they knew that it will start conflict between Louis and Liam. Louis simply had no say, and they all know that he won't like the idea.

"I got a text from Amber" said Aidan.

"Saying?" asked Kathy

"That her and Matt are on their way here!"

"What the fuck?" yelled Louis.

Every one's eyes made way to Louis, everyone could clearly see how aggravated he was. He stood up and threw his slice of pizza on the white paper plate. He wiped his face with the sleeve of his royal blue jumper.

"Who the fuck is Amber and why is he with Matt?"

"Their cousins, Louis! I invited them" said Haydon.

"Seriously the fuck!" Louis went on, Liam though had unreadable face, he was thinking not this thing again. He couldn't blame Haydon for it after all he didn't know what happened last night.

"What the hell is your problem Louis, all you do is whine like a little girl!" said Kae with a frustration tone. Kathy sat timidly next to her sister not knowing what to do. She had a feeling that Louis will burst out and tell every one tonight that Matt was her long-term ex boy-friend. She didn't mind if they found out but not Harry. She pleaded to Louis in her mind for him not to say.

"The fuck Kat! I bet ya on anything will come in here and hit the fuck of me again! I'm fucking ready for him!" Louis continued with agony.

For the rest who didn't see what happened last night, they were stunned to what they have heard to what came from Louis' mouth. Harry sigh slightly and was feeling annoyed about the situation. He thought about ever since Louis came back to his life, dramas was dwelling upon him. He no longer enjoyed hearing Louis' voice; he no longer liking what was coming from his mouth; and what's worst he hated seeing him. Harry watched Kathy rose up from her seat and came closer to Louis, how she glared into his eyes; there it was - the reason why he started to hate Louis of all sudden it's because that girl that he was looking at. He thought about how fate and destiny played around on the three of them. At first he was left heart-broken because of Louis pushed him away, then it took him years to move on and the reason he had moved on from him was because of his love for Kathy. However, ironically enough the love of his life is now loving his first love. Small flickering of pain was piercing into his heart, bit by bit as he watch Kathy held Louis' face.

"Louis, let me look at you! stop it!" Harry heard her say, Louis glared back to her brown eyes and said:

"If he fucking comes here and comes near ya - then forgive me Haydon and everyone if I will ruined your night"

"Can you just forget about what happened Louis?" yelled Zayn.

"No, I said no! No No NO!" Louis said even louder.

"What the fuck is going on?" barked Niall, Zayn stood up and said:

"Last night when Liam and I were smoking we fucking saw Matt and Louis punching the hell of each other, not knowing why? When we rush to the scene -all of sudden Harry came and started to punch the fuck out of Matt. We fucking panicked and run to stop them. Fucking Liam was scared, terrified that some one will record it and will go viral"

"Why didn't you tell us Styles and Tommo we could of bash the shit of that little blonde shit!" yelled Aidan. Liam rose up from his seat, and Ally shut her eyes and was scared what he had to say.

"No one will bash the shit out of any one! Do you hear me? especially Matthew Patterson! he's a filthy rich bastard and his dad owns a fucking empire. He has connections and I don't want to jeopardise our fucking company and anyone's career over a fucking girl!" said Liam, right after he had say that Ally buried her hands into her face. She clearly knew what he meant. Kathy watched Liam how his brown eyes squinted at her. She stayed quiet however Louis smug and said:

"The fuck Payno what are you on about?"
"You know what exactly what I mean" said Liam, Ally pulled his arms down to sat back next to her.

"OK - STOP!" said Haydon, "can we just enjoy the night after all Kae and I organise this little shin ding for you guys and this what we get ?" he added.

"Yes, can we please stop with all the yelling?" said Harry quietly.

After a moment, Louis stood up sharply went in the corner of the terrace where he placed another cigarette between his lips and lit it up with a lighter. He titled his head left and right, yet again he wanted to relax himself. His phone started to buzz and it was message from Elle. He was surprised, he hasn't heard from her in a while. He opened and read it and said:

'Louis, hello how are you? just letting you know I saw your posts on Twitter. You and Kathy huh? as an item congrats! but isn't she Harry's girl? I just wanted to tell you know I am happy, I met someone new. Anyway let me know when your in the U.K, Elle!'

He suddenly reminisce the good times with Elle, he shut his eyes while he thought of it. He remembered how it was a lot of simpler with Elle. How he had no competition with anyone. How Elle's heart only beat for him and no one else. Unlike right now he's loving a girl who was certainly in love with some one else. He remembered last night when she whispered "I love you" to him but was it really for him?

Suddenly, Kathy came closer to him and embrace him tightly, at first he thought it was an illusion. She came close to him in front of every one. Can it be true?

"Louis, Babe" Louis heard her say quietly, he didn't look at her straight away.
"Babe" she continued, "Stop it OK? I don't know why you're acting like this?"
How could she possibly asked me that - he wondered to himself. How could she? doesn't she understand her head is all melded up because of jealously. Less than an hour ago she was crying to him how she can't face Harry and how much she loved him still. He started to get confuse.
"How do you want me to act then Kat?" he mumbled.

"I want you to be your happy self, the one I get fond of!"

"Fond? that's all I get. You fond of me? is that all?" she shrugged away from her.
"Louis!" she pleaded.

"Who am I to you? here I am looking like a fucking idiot in front of everyone basically telling the whole fucking world that I love you and all you do is fucking push me away in front of every one! you can't even give me a fucking answer! what was last night? were you just fucking lonely that's why you let me sleep with you! what is it Kat - for fuck sake ! I am getting frustrated as fuck."

"I don't want to see Matt here ! the two of your fucking ex will be in the same room as me! I hate him! how could you be fuckin be bestfriend with your ex. Do you see me being best friends with Elle? Do you ? and then next thing you know you and Harry will be the bestest of friends - Do you think I will allow that ? think again?!"

Kathy froze, she wanted to tear up again but not infront of every one. She felt that all pair of eyes were on them. Louis was loud enough for every one to hear what he had to say. She subconsciously looked at the dinning table where every one was siting.
"Louis please put your voice down" she begged.

"See! you're embarrassed about us! You care about what Harry would think of you?" he yelled.

"Of course I fucking care!"

Louis looked away sharply from her and held into the hand rail and groan, then after a moment he even groan a little louder and yelled:

"Fuck this then!" he walked away from her, and went back inside of the apartment.

"Louis! Louis!" Zayn yelled, and followed his friend. Both Zayn and Louis disappeared. Kathy wanted to follow but she didn't want any more conflict with Louis, it's just getting bigger and bigger.

"Kat!" said Kae, and Haydon and Ally approached her also.

"I am OK - don't worry!" she said bluntly, 'After all this is a party right?'

She turned to face the dinning table and Harry was not there also.

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