Without You Part: 4

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It's been days since have seen anyone from the L.A crew, Ally has messaged her that she will be spending her last couple of days with her family and that she will love to catch up before she flies out on Thursday. The thought about Louis and Harry leaving for good, is bringing sadness to her but there is merely she can't do anything. She has not been to work for days either, she felt so unprofessional, she was trap in her apartment. Her sister would try to update her, and wanted her come out from her but she had no energy to move. All she did in her apartment was take out her sketches pad to be inspired for the new collections but as such only dark, dull colours all she could think of. She was comfortable wearing black leggings and over sized jumper. She hang her short hair loose with a bobby pin, to pin her side fringe away from her face. Most of time she would seat on the ground and go to a stare. Her thoughts kept babbling on, to call Harry or Louis for the last time. But what's the point ?  She was on the phone to her mum, her parents were getting worried to why they haven't seen their daughter in a while, and if when they ask if they could visit she would brushed them off and tell them how busy she is. Her mum had brought up Harry once again to her and questioned why they have not seen or heard from their future son in law. Kathy chuckled about the idea. She told her mum that her and Harry are not getting back together and insisted that they both decided that. Mrs Fernandez was not please to hear the news, she loved Harry for her eldest daughter, at first she didn't approve about their relationship hence Kathy being two years older but at the end it didn't matter because she saw the strong love and bond between the two. 
"You two should work it out" Mrs Fernandez exclaimed over the phone.
"I think this time we can't work it out mum, I'm too tied up with work over here and he's busy with his band thing, they gotten really popular Mum, I don't want to go between all that" Kathy lied.
"Why don't you invite him over?"

"No mum, that's not necessary"

"I insist!"

"Mum, please.."
"Silly kids, fine bye" said Mrs Fernandez sharply.

After her phone call to her mother, she felt more heart-broken than ever. How will she explained to her parents that the reason why they broke up is because she became so unfaithful to Harry. She meant everything she said to him in the stairs, how she would run to hell and back to just to be with Harry. Then, she also thinks about her time with Louis from the last couple of days. It felt so right and wrong at the same time, but she loved every bit of it. She loved how Louis' fingers discovers ever inch of her body and that makes her purr into his ear every time. She shook the thought. After a while her phone started to ring as she picked it up she was disappointed to see Haydon's name.

"Talk to me!"

"No hello how are you? from your business partner?" he teased.
"What d'ya want? I am relaxing!"

"No, get your ass off your fucking bed and stop sooking, we have serious business to attend to, listen The Stripes Records are wanting the Ferno to continue styling One Lane - and shut up I could hear your breathing heavily from here wanting say shit anyway, Liam and I had a meeting this morning without you and Louis thank goodness, you two gives me the shits anyway. Liam said that he wants to make it official that we will continue to style the One Lane boys because it really helped with their image. Girls go  nuts apparently on how attractive the boys are. Kat, I thought about it this is business after all. We can official go international if the boys to continue to wear our clothes. I'm not sure if you understand how One Lane got so popular of all sudden. It's like tsunami of women"

Kathy heard Haydon chuckled on the phone and was not amused by his comment.

"This basically means that we will carry on designing for Niall, Zayn, Aidan and of course Harry, and you will continue to communicate with Louis, after all we are their client. Kat, please can we forget our personal issue and think about the Ferno, the company you and I built from nothing"

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