A Sun Gods rage

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Since Apollo's arrival, no one really seems to know what to say.

I'm totally with them....Apollo looks so very angry, I truly didn't think the guy was capable of being anything other than happy-go-lucky self with a massive touch of flirtiness to him.

He glowers at Amphitrite, his lip curling in downright disgust. "What's the matter auntie? Is it not fun killing an innocent when you have me to go against?"

This, causes Amphitrite to laugh softly. I have no idea why she does such a thing......From how angry Apollo looks, laugher seems to be a really bad idea. I'm even finding myself afraid of the guy, and normally I think he's just a flirty goofball.

"Innocent?" She gives another low bark of laughter. "That is hardly the word I would use to describe the boy. Shall we go through his numerous wrong doings, Apollo? Why should you care if he fights to the death?"

Apollo glares daggers at her. "He plays an important role in a prophecy of mine. No harm will come to him." He says with a shrug. He says this with such authority, I finally feel myself relaxing a bit that Luke has someone to finally defend him.

Poseidon steps forward, sending Apollo an amused look. "How is this any different from the numerous prophecies you've received over the last couple thousand years?" He asks dryly.

From the way Poseidon's guards now direct their weapons at Luke, it causes me to step closer to his side. Luke must take this as that I'm feeling afraid for myself, because he wraps his arm around my waist to pull me in tight to him.

"Nothing's gonna happen to you Red." He whispers into my ear.

I frown. Little does he know my worry solely involves him.

"Because this one involves the future where the sun could end." Apollo declares, causing some people in the room to gasp. "Luke Castellan plays an important role in my prophecy. If you cause him even an ounce of harm, I'll have no choice but to retaliate since I asked you not to touch him beforehand." Apollo shrugs simply.

Amphitrite narrows her eyes. "Is that a threat?"

"No, a fact." Apollo grins, clapping his hands together, his mood having now shifted. I think he should've kept his angry glare going. That looked a lot scarier than his current goofy grin he's sporting...

"You will not retaliate, nephew. It is a duel. Surely you recall this customary when involving a maiden....Right?" Poseidon asks boredly.

I can feel my fingers slightly digging into Luke as I hold onto him. "What do they mean..." I whisper to him, in a tone so low I hope that I'm not overheard. But this was silly of me, considering I'm in a room full of Gods and Goddesses. Everyone heard me.

"It is customary for when men wish for the hand of a maiden to fight to the death." Poseidon answers, still sounding bored.

I get the impression he's not on board with Amphitrite on wanting to kill Luke from how bored he sounds, but it seems he also doesn't seem to want to annoy his wife by going against her. This is insane. Luke was kidnapped is being forced to fight a God to the death....I understand Greek history is bloody and violent, but this is a new day in age!

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